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Consultant, Boston

Hi, I'm Amy. I'm a consultant and a graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School and MIT Sloan. I was a summer associate intern before joining Bain full-time.

The reason I chose Bain was because of their investment in the home staffing model. For one, I feel like I understand all the different cases that are available to me as a consultant at Bain. I am able to work with my home-staffing manager to ensure that I am taking on cases that are essential to my professional development success.

Secondly, knowing my team and being able to build a rapport with them - I feel like I hit the ground running faster when I have deeper relationships with the people I work with. I've worked with the same manager twice now and it's been great.

The current case that I'm working on is with a retail client to develop a strategy on where to layout their products in the store. It's mind-blowing to think that the position of each item in a store was carefully thought out. It's all part of a strategy to present the store in a particular way. We went from doing the analytical background work for building the strategy all the way through helping the leadership at the company communicate the strategy to their employees. I am seeing the whole gambit of how to build a strategy to how to execute the strategy and how to work closely with our client to deliver the strategy.

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