Our culture

Our office culture is friendly and informal, and "business casual" attire is standard when no client meetings are scheduled. An open-door policy and monthly information sessions keep everyone informed about the happenings in our office, including new hires, birthdays, client success stories and more.

Supportive and flexible environment
Some travel is required for consultants, but our goal is to work from the office as much as possible. Many of our consultants are married and some have children. Maintaining a work-life balance is very important to us, and Bain is very supportive and mindful of this.

Leave-of-absence and part-time programs have been developed to allow our consultants to have more personal time when they need it—for an extended maternity leave, round-the-world trip, starting one’s own business, working on social impact projects and so on. And many consultants take advantage of these programs during their Bain careers.

We have fun together!
A couple of our new associate consultants put together a theatre piece last year for our annual Christmas party. And we recently held our annual "Bainial Pursuit" event for the quiz fanatics in our office, where eight teams made up of staff at all levels competed against one another to be the ultimate winner. These are just two ways we have enjoyed spending time together outside of the office.

Other ways we have fun? We have Friday breakfasts and after-work drinks every fortnight. We organize Christmas parties, St. Nicolas parties for children, a special event every spring and a three-day annual summer retreat somewhere in Europe. Recent retreats have included retracing the footsteps of James Bond in Monaco, relaxing at a spa in the Belgian Ardennes, hunting for treasures near Venice, visiting medieval castles in Germany, trekking in the French Alps and riding the Orient Express to Budapest. All of these events are organized by volunteer teams. On top of that, each month we organize a sports-related event: tennis tournaments, 10 km of Uccle, karting, golf initiation, Roland Garros, mountain biking.

We strive to make a difference
Bainies in Brussels are quite interested and active in social and environmental issues. We have a team focused on environmental sustainability in our office. The team finds practical ways for our office to be more "green"—by reducing paper and plastic waste and offering environmentally friendly transportation options, for example. Our consultants are also active outside the office, working with organizations that are dedicated to helping children, improving education and caring for the environment.