Frequently asked questions

I am not sure whether strategy consulting is for me. Could I have an informal chat with someone on your consulting staff?
We frequently have informal discussions with potential candidates. Unfortunately we cannot satisfy all requests, but we invite you to contact our recruiting coordinator.

Should I apply for a position at Bain if my academic record is mixed?
Yes, but obviously you start with a disadvantage. Analytical skills are the No. 1 prerequisite at Bain, and they often correlate with good academic results. You will have to provide us with other strong reasons or "signs of excellence" to receive an invitation to join our team.

I want to apply to another Bain office? How do I go about that?
The easiest way is to directly contact the recruiting coordinator of that office, as their staff will be determining if you qualify for a position with them. Alternatively, we can forward your résumé and then interview you on behalf of that office, at their request. Please keep in mind that the application process is very competitive, and nationals often have the advantage for various reasons. It may be a good idea to seek a position in your country of origin and then solicit a transfer abroad to another Bain office after a few years.