• Demystifying R&D Performance in Chemicals

    January 10, 2018 | Bain Brief

    One great idea used to make chemical companies, but the nature of innovation has changed. Effective R&D now depends on getting closer to customers, understanding their needs and adapting to deliver quickly.

  • Why supply chains matter more than ever for technology companies

    October 03, 2011 | Performance Improvement | Bain Brief

    An in-depth Bain analysis of the supply chains at six leading technology companies found a wide disparity in both the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations and identified the three most important areas for improvement.

  • Results March-April 2006: Business strategy brief

    March 31, 2006 | Customer Strategy & Marketing | Bain Brief

    Too many companies can't tell the difference between good profits and bad. The consequences are disastrous. Bad profits choke off a company's best opportunities for true, lasting growth. They blacken its reputation and make it vulnerable to competitors.

  • The Bottom Line on Management Tools: A Look at their Use and Effectiveness across the World

    April 30, 2003 | Performance Improvement | Benelux newsletter

    Over the past decade, executives have witnessed an explosion of management tools and techniques ranging from TQM to CRM and from Reengineering to Benchmarking.

  • Second Chance for eBusiness

    February 28, 2003 | Benelux newsletter

    Following the widespread failure of dotcom firms, many business leaders eased back on all things "e.

  • Company Transformation: More Science Than Art

    December 31, 2002 | Results Delivery® | Benelux newsletter

    We live in increasingly turbulent times. This turbulence stems from the dynamics of deregulation, the rise of gloablisation, the subtle and not-so-subtle shifts in certain sectors' offerings, the major changes in channels of distribution, and the fallout of technological breakthroughs.

  • The Six Habits of Highly Effective Change Managers

    February 28, 2002 | Results Delivery® | Benelux newsletter

    For a company to significantly change its performance pattern, instead of merely incrementalising it, a radical change of behaviour is warranted. Unfortunately most companies, like human beings, have a hard time changing. Even if they know they must.