• Results November-December 2006: Business strategy brief

    October 31, 2006 | Information Technology | Bain Brief

    With interest rates at 40-year lows, growth for real estate lenders was brisk. But at a leading US bank, the mortgage unit wasn't pulling its weight. Its information technology organisation, perceived as having failed to deliver on a string of projects, had lost the confidence of senior executives.

  • Results July-August 2006: Business strategy brief

    June 30, 2006 | Organization | Bain Brief

    In business, every opportunity seized or missed is the result of a decision that someone made or failed to make. No matter how clever your company's strategy is, if the right decisions aren't made effectively-and executed quickly and consistently-your business will lose ground.

  • May-June 2006: Business strategy results

    April 30, 2006 | Private Equity | Bain Brief

    In Europe, Cinven and BC Partners paid ?4,3 billion for Amadeus Global Travel in Spain; and EQT teamed up with Goldman Sachs Capital Partners to acquire ISS, the Denmark-based cleaning services firm, for ?2,95 billion.

  • Results March-April 2006: Business strategy brief

    March 31, 2006 | Customer Strategy & Marketing | Bain Brief

    Too many companies can't tell the difference between good profits and bad. The consequences are disastrous. Bad profits choke off a company's best opportunities for true, lasting growth. They blacken its reputation and make it vulnerable to competitors.

  • January-February 2006-Bain strategy results

    December 31, 2005 | Bain Brief

    International expansion requires a sure-footed strategy. Bain analysis shows that more than 60% of geographic moves fail entirely, and only 17% of companies achieve profitable foreign growth. But for those who get it right, the rewards can be great.

  • Route to a brand's best strategy

    April 12, 2005 | Consumer Products | European Business Forum

    New findings challenge the belief that market share alone correlates with profitability. Bain & Company's analysis of 200 brands shows that products at the high end stand to earn considerably more with a smaller share of the overall product category.

  • Say it loud, say it proud:"Shareholder value!"

    December 31, 2004 | Benelux newsletter

    Remember the phrase "creating shareholder value"? The expression nearly died of shame after WorldCom's Bernie Ebbers made quarterly stock analyst presentations by pointing to a nearly vertical share-price chart and challenging: "Any questions?

  • The leadership corridor

    December 31, 2004 | Benelux newsletter

    When Coca-Cola was looking for someone to fill its top job last year, three of the handful of CEOs rumoured to be on the short list shared strikingly similar backgrounds. Mattel's Robert Eckert, Hershey's Richard Lenny, and Gillette's Jim Kilts all cut their managerial teeth at Kraft.

  • Can deal making solve your growth problem?

    October 31, 2004 | Mergers & Acquisitions | Benelux newsletter

    Most CEOs today recognize that their businesses can't succeed without acquisitions. Companies need to add new capabilities to find the next wave of profitable growth, and the vast majority will think that an acquisition is the most efficient way to deliver what they are looking for.

  • Divide and prosper: Unbundling Europe's energy supply

    October 31, 2004 | Utilities & Alternative Energy | Benelux newsletter

    In France's energy market, EDF and Poweo have little in common at first blush. One is the country's largest power utility and serves 40 million companies and households. The other just signed on its ten-thousandth customer in October.