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Principal, Brussels

Watching people that I hire and coach grow to become successful analysts and consultants at Bain is one of the most rewarding aspects of the job. double-quote-close

Why Bain?

After my studies, I started a PhD. I soon realized that this did not fit what I was looking for in terms of my professional career, so I decided to re-orient myself to consulting. I wanted something much more concrete with young, passionate and motivated colleagues. I met some Bainies at a recruiting event and really felt this was the perfect fit in terms of the job, the culture and most importantly the people.

My passion

In my spare time, I love traveling. I try to go for at least one trip each year. Bain also gave me the opportunity to go on a leave of absence for two months, during which I traveled in South America.

During my weekends, I like to spend time with friends and run.

My favorite case

My favorite case was a project for a semiconductor company that hired us to increase their gross margin. It was a cross-office team with a great atmosphere. Over the months, we developed a close relationship with the client. At the end of the year, they asked us to support them in preparation for their board meeting. It was right before my promotion to manager and the first time I was playing the manager role. The board was very happy with the discussion and the whole executive committee, including the CEO, thanked us for our support.

We also won the European Results Challenge for the work we did for that client. This is a contest that Bain organizes each year for the firm's best cases. Winning was great recognition for the results achieved.

My personal results story

As consultants and managers at Bain, we are responsible for the firm's human resources activities, including recruiting, coaching and mentoring. Watching people that I hire and coach grow to become successful analysts and consultants at Bain is one of the most rewarding aspects of the job. It makes me feel very proud when more junior people trust me enough to come to me for advice regarding their professional and personal lives.

My perspective on diversity at Bain

Over the last eight years, I have worked in many countries, in most cases with cross-office teams. It is very instructive and interesting to learn about different cultures and ways of working.

As a woman, I am also very excited by the fact that more and more women decide to apply for careers at Bain.

A final thought

I recently left Bain for a six-month externship. The reasons why I initially decided to join Bain—the culture, the people—were still the reasons why, eight years later, I decided to come back after my externship.