Social impact

Our social impact strategy has three essential pillars, outlined below.
Pro Bono

The pro bono consulting services that Bain Brussels offers to non-profit organizations are a key pillar of our social impact initiative.

King Baudouin Foundation

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The King Baudouin Foundation is the largest independent foundation supporting smaller funds and projects in Belgium that work toward creating a better society.

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Over the last few years, Bain Brussels has with the King Baudouin Foundation on a number of topics. One of the main projects involved performing a strategic review of King Baudouin Foundation's Venture Philanthropy Fund. We defined version 2.0 of this fund, including where to invest and how to differentiate.

The successful formula of the enhanced Venture Philanthropy Fund also served as a source of inspiration for the traditional activities of the King Baudouin Foundation.

For more information on the King Baudouin Foundation Venture Philanthropy Fund, have look at one of the videos on the left or contact us.

Doctors Without Borders

doctors-without-borders_189 Doctors Without Borders is one of the largest NGOs in Europe and Belgium. The organization heavily relies on private donations to deliver top-quality medical care to those in need. Using Bain's loyalty strategy toolkit, we helped Doctors Without Borders to better understand its different donor segments and refine its value proposition for each of those segments in order to optimize its donors' loyalty.

Events & Fundraisers

In addition to our pro bono consulting services, we financially support our non-profit partners through events and fundraisers.

Bain Brussels charity auction

brussels-events-fundraisers_189The Bain Brussels charity auction is a fun opportunity to give back to local charitable organizations. The concept is simple: Everyone in the office gets together to auction Bain staff pledges for charity, which range from a garden barbeque to a weekend babysitter to an exclusive wine tasting. The bidding is fierce, and prices rise fast. In 2013, the charity auction raised over 25,000 euro. We donated the funds to a variety of charities including Atelier De l'Avenir, Missing Childeren Europe and The King Baudouin Fund.

Brussels Marathon & 20K run

brussels-marathon_189x120Each year, the office raises money for a motivated group of Bain employees to participate in the Brussels Marathon or 20K run. The proceeds are donated to different charities including Missing Children Europe, a network of 28 organizations in 20 European countries actively preventing and fighting the disappearance and sexual exploitation of children. Last year, Bain's contribution allowed them to roll out the Google Child Alert system in Belgium.

Blue tower blood donation

To support the Red Cross's national blood collection campaigns, we organized a blood collection for whole our office building. Out of around 400 employees, 46 people donated blood. Approximately 50 percent of participants were first-time donors. As a result, the Belgian Red Cross was able to continue stabilizing the national blood reserve.

Carbon Neutral

carbon-neutral-stamp-165x110We are proudly certified as CarbonNeutral® and are committed to helping our clients achieve sustainability. This achievement is the result of an exhaustive effort to measure our global footprint and reach net zero carbon emissions. Learn more.