Working at Bain

At Bain Buenos Aires we recognize work-lifestyle balance is important, and we want our consultants to attend to their personal needs outside work. We make an effort to offer a work environment as diverse as possible.

We believe there is no "right" way to develop your career at Bain. As a matter of fact, we offer our people the option of designing their own careers.

One possibility is to enhance your professional experience by transferring for six months to any of Bain’s offices around the world. A significant percentage of our associate consultants take advantage of this opportunity during their first three years.

Bain also helps professionals pursue an MBA by providing advice and support in the application process or financing their studies. In recent years, with the firm’s support, Bain consultants have attended the most prestigious business schools, including Harvard, INSEAD, Chicago and Wharton.

Work-life balance

Being a consultant is not easy and requires tremendous effort. Developing and implementing a business strategy side by side with a client is not something that just happens. In just a matter of weeks, consultants must possess a high level of knowledge about their client, their client’s industry and competitors. On any given day, consultants must be prepared to add value in both internal and external meetings. And no matter what kind of client is being served, consultants must learn quickly about the case and be prepared for their interactions with the client and the high level of responsibility they will assume—which can be very demanding.

That is one of the reasons why Bain is so concerned about the work-life balance of our staff. We work hard to create an environment where consultants can balance their commitment to generating great results for our clients with the ability to pursue personal goals—spending time with their families, contributing to their communities or traveling around the world. Our teams are flexible, and our colleagues make an effort to enable one another to pursue personal activities, whether it’s attending a school play or going to the gym during lunch time. Bain offers options for each employee.


A career at Bain will define the professional you will become. You will learn to identify critical factors quickly. You will learn to distinguish meaningless facts from important ones to help you make the right decisions when putting strategies into practice. A career at Bain will highlight the advantages of always focusing on results and prove to you that interpersonal energy, passion and enthusiasm have as much impact as analysis. Finally, a career at Bain will help set your expectations about the kind of work you want to do, the kind of people you want to work with and the work style you want to adopt.

Bain takes training seriously
Professional development is taken very seriously at Bain. Formal training sessions are complemented by personalized training sessions, online or on the job. You will gain wide experience working in a variety of industries. Over time, you will be able to focus on a particular sector. You will have the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects, including those with corporate clients, nonprofits and private equity firms, as well as on internal assignments.

Bain offers the opportunity to work in a another Bain office
Bain provides opportunities for employees to transfer to a Bain office around the globe for six months, so they can experience life in another country and understand the different ways of conducting business in other parts of the world.

At Bain, your progress has no limits
There are no limits to your career development at Bain. Many of our staff who joined us right after graduating from college have stayed on to become consultants, managers and partners. Promotions are based entirely on merit. Our staff members receive regular evaluations and constructive feedback, which help them grow professionally.

And if you choose to leave our firm, having Bain on your résumé will help you leverage your experience so that you will be able go wherever you want in the business world.


Informal training
Bain offers the best practical business education. Because our people are our best asset, we invest heavily to make you the best at what you do, as quickly as possible. You will receive both formal and informal training, right from the beginning. Our global training programs will prepare you to make a valuable contribution, andyou will be trained with colleagues from Bain offices all over the world to solve real business problems. You will also learn from senior consultants, who understand the knowledge and skills that you need to perform your job. You will also periodically receive informal training at our office in addition to the continuous coaching on the job, quickly transforming you into a highly qualified professional.

Examples of Bain's global training programs:

Associate consultants (AC)

  • Induction program in the office, followed by two weeks of introductory training in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, with colleagues from all over the world
  • Training in Cancun or Phuket
  • Induction program in the office, followed by one week of training in Miami with colleagues from all over the world
  • Training in San Francisco or Barcelona

"One of the main reasons I joined Bain after Harvard was because, among my colleagues from business school, the people I thought were best trained, brightest and the best prepared for business had been trained by Bain."

-Tom Hartley, Bain alumni

At Bain, progress is determined by your performance. Meritocracy at Bain means that there isn’t a single path or a predetermined amount of time a person must spend in any position. Bain believes in acknowledging and rewarding those who give outstanding performances. Therefore, even though we may provide financing for employees to attend business school, it is not necessary to complete an MBA to be promoted. Many people are promoted directly to consultant without attending business school.

Formal training
Formal training at Bain equips you with the necessary tools to succeed in a demanding job. The breadth of training is wide—from understanding company financial reports to learning the softer skills, such as conducting meetings efficiently or making presentations to clients.

All ACs will receive a significant amount of training in their first year. First, they will receive training in our office and then attend a global training program, where they will have the chance to meet colleagues from all over the world. The global training is highly intensive—it is designed to provide tools that will allow ACs to play an active role in projects from the start.

Newly hired consultants with MBA degrees will attend a one-week global training session with colleagues from all over the world, in their first six months at Bain.

Newly hired experienced professionals will also participate in an induction program, in addition to attending global training that is appropriate for their level.

Global training sessions are offered to our employees at each stage of their career, providing them with the skills necessary for their next step at Bain and giving them an opportunity to meet their colleagues from Bain’s worldwide offices.

We offer the following global training programs:

  • Senior associate consultant training (SACT)
  • Experienced consultant training (ECT)
  • New manager training (NMT)
  • Experienced manager training (EMT)
  • New partner training (NPT)

We pride ourselves on offering the best practical experience. You will learn a lot through Bain's training programs and as you complete your day-to-day work. But the daily coaching you will receive from your senior colleagues will be invaluable. You will also have a mentor—typically, a senior consultant or a manager—who will be responsible for your professional development at Bain.

Coaching and feedback will allow you to reach your highest potential
At Bain, your development will be carefully monitored to ensure you have the best opportunities to reach your highest potential. Bain's evaluation system will help you to identify and make good use of your strengths, and help you to improve on your weaknesses. You will receive reviews every six months and case end reviews after every project. Of course, feedback is not only limited to these formal procedures; you will also receive and give informal feedback regularly. Your performance and professional development plan will be discussed openly. Our goal is to give you the means to reach the next step in your Bain career.