• To be or not to be (part of an elite group) - Bain Buenos Aires

    November 06, 2011 | La Nación Revista | Media mention

    Acquisitions frenzy is just beginning. Far from the crisis, sales in the luxury industry should grow 10 percent this year -more than 200 billion dollars-, according to the latest report from Bain & Company, especially driven by China and other emerging countries.

  • The airport between Rio and San Pablo is one of the most expensive in the world - Bain Buenos Aires

    November 03, 2011 | Diario El Cronista | Media mention

    As an alternative for the limited capacity of Congonhas airport, Castellini mentioned the project of a third airport in Sao Paulo. According to the specialist, without this airport, prices will rise even more, which will transform the Rio-Sao Paulo route in an elite route.

  • Mobile Number Portability in Latin América: How it affects users and service providers - Bain Buenos Aires

    October 27, 2011 | América Economía | Media mention

    Countries like Mexico and Brazil are operating under mobile number portability, and others like Chile and Argentina, will be implementing it in a couple of months. How do users affect the markets and what do the users expect of this?

  • The great repeatable business model

    October 26, 2011 | Strategy | Harvard Business Review

    Really successful companies build their strategies on a few vivid and hardy forms of differentiation that act as a system and reinforce one another. They grow in ways that exploit their core differentiators by replicating them in new contexts. And they turn the sources of their differentiation into

  • Of note: Where the action is

    October 10, 2011 | Consumer Products | Bain newsletters

    Is your global company organized to take full advantage of the rapid changes in emerging markets?

  • Are you ahead of the curve in emerging markets?

    October 07, 2011 | Financial Services | Bain industry brief

    Revenue growth in emerging markets has outpaced global growth by up to 10 times for multinational players, Bain research finds, and profitability in these regions is equal to or higher than global averages. But as companies race to capture their share of this booming growth, they are discovering

  • The impact of Solvency II on Latam insurers

    October 03, 2011 | Financial Services | Latam Insurance Review

    For big multinational insurance groups headquartered in the EU, Solvency II will significantly tighten requirements for how much capital they will need to hold, impose tough new rules governing how they identify and monitor risk, and set strict disclosure guidelines to increase transparency. The

  • Media, telecommunications and technological, the ones who most seek the cloud - Bain Buenos Aires

    September 27, 2011 | Diario El Cronista | Media mention

    It is estimated that the business of cloud computing will be one of the IT topics with greater growth in the medium term. But the key to overcome the challenges and barriers that still persist will be that companies segment their customers and develop offers for each of them.

  • In 2020 80 percent of automotive market will be electric - Bain Buenos Aires

    September 21, 2011 | Diario Estrategia | Media mention

    Marcial Rapela, partner at Bain & Company, detailed the findings of a study conducted in Europe and U.S.

  • What’s new - Bain Buenos Aires

    August 01, 2011 | Diario La Nación | Media mention

    Global sales of luxury goods would raise 8% this year, up to US$274.000 million, boosted by a double-digit increase in China, according to a Bain & Co. study.