Catalina  photo


Consultant, Buenos Aires

Why Bain?

When I heard about strategic consulting, I thought it was definitely where I wanted to work. I was motivated by the idea of generating a tangible impact for organizations while having the chance to grow professionally and personally in a dynamic and challenging setting. When I first heard about Bain, its people, its unparalleled culture and its passion for results, I was convinced that I wanted to be a part of this consulting firm.

My passion

What fascinates me most about Bain is the opportunity it offers to work across different industries, practices and geographies, consistently generating visible results in every case. Additionally (but not less importantly), every project means working together with a new team, meeting extremely capable and fun new people. The deep feeling of belonging that I have developed over my time at Bain does not cease to amaze me. It makes me proud to know that we all live by the same motto: "A Bainie never lets another Bainie fail."

Outside the office, I like to travel (travel cases are ideal for this!), spend time with friends and family and practice sports, mainly hockey and now volleyball. One of the most memorable experiences I have had at Bain was my trip to Frankfurt for the 2015 Bain World Cup as part of the South America volleyball team.

My favorite case

One of my favorite projects was during my first year at Bain, when I worked in Chile for one of the largest copper mines in the world. The client hired Bain to take their operation to full potential, and the change we helped them build has been impressive.

Personally, it has also been a great experience. I had the chance to work in a very interesting industry, together with a great team of more than 20 Bainies from 9 different countries, and to get to know the nicest places in Chile! Two of the case team events were especially memorable, as we went to San Pedro de Atacama and the Easter Island. We are already making plans for a ski weekend next time!

My personal results story

Since I joined Bain, I've had the chance to work on different projects in different industries and with different people. Each case has presented a new challenge, which I have been able to overcome thanks to the support of my teammates. I trust this will continue throughout my whole career at Bain, and I hope I can support new Bainies joining our team in the same way others have supported me. I believe these are the things that make Bain unique, and that make our everyday work enjoyable.

A final thought

If you would like to work in a dynamic setting where your everyday job is reflected in tangible results and you're surrounded by an amazing team, Bain is the ideal place to be. Development possibilities, both professional and personal, are as real as the impact Bain generates for its clients. Open opportunities such as international transfers to other Bain offices around the world or MBA sponsorships help you on your path from day one.