Laura  photo


Senior Associate Consultant, Buenos Aires

Why Bain?

I chose consulting because of the challenge it represents, as well as the way it fosters my development both personally and professionally. I chose Bain because, besides being at the apex of strategy consulting, it has exceptional human capital. It is one team of extraordinary people who are committed to the idea of working together and helping each other to create the greatest results possible for every client.

My passion

What motivates me the most in the office is the capacity we have to generate lasting results, thanks especially to our method of working side by side with clients, involving them directly in every step of the project.

On a personal level, I find great joy in meeting interesting people from every corner of the world, and working at Bain is a great platform for that. Global training programs, international case teams and the chance to work abroad are some of the experiences that make each day at Bain unique.

My favorite case

My favorite case was in the government sector. The project's scope involved analyzing the possibility of replacing the use of hydrocarbons as fuel with biomass. The project was special for various reasons, but the opportunity to work with a country's public administration and generate a nationwide impact was certainly an exceptional experience.

My personal results story

My experience at Bain has been amazing, not only because of the level of exposure and the constant opportunities for international collaboration, but also because of the personal opportunities it represents. Such a challenging context can only lead to personal growth, and everyone at Bain, from associate consultants to partners, is committed to helping me thrive in my career and pushing me to give each day my very best.

A final thought

The recruiting process is very interesting, and candidates should enjoy it. For every job, it is fundamental to understand how one fits in with the prospective company, and if the people working there will actually make the daily job more enjoyable. For me, Bain is definitely that place. I can simultaneously generate great impact for my clients, learn every day from my teammates and have great fun while doing all of this.