Nicolas  photo


Consultant, Buenos Aires

Bain offers the opportunity to develop a career characterized by high impact, continuous change and constant challenges. Moreover, the team of great professionals that compose the organization helps each person reach full potential both personally and professionally. The team at Bain focuses deeply on generating great results for our clients while maintaining an enjoyable and friendly team environment.

My passion

One of the most gratifying experiences in the office is to see the results that our efforts generate. It is exciting to see how Bain teams work to generate a real and lasting impact (and one that can be measured) for the companies we work with.

Additionally, one of the most motivating opportunities is the ability to work for a non-profit cause, aiming to create for our surrounding society the same level of impact that we generate every day for our clients.

My favorite case

One of my favorite cases was with a media company, which hired Bain to help them define their strategy for the next three years. Digitalization in mass media presented a huge challenge for them, since big changes were expected over a short time frame. The project ended with a joint definition of objectives for the company's development, as well as a clear path towards reaching them. The redefinition of their strategy and subsequent organizational restructuring helped them thrive in the changing landscape of their industry in the digital era.

My personal results story

My own experience at Bain has allowed me to serve companies in industries as different as mass media and financial services, solving completely new problems every time. To this end, Bain's global and regional training sessions have been a fundamental tool, allowing me to acquire knowledge and at the same time collaborate with other Bainies to build a global, committed team that works together to build results for every client.

A final thought

Bain is the right place for those who seek to exploit their full potential in a highly challenging environment, working with a team of highly capable professionals and great human beings. The unparalleled learning experience that Bain offers and the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing team makes for a job that is definitely worth taking.