Patricia  photo


Principal, Buenos Aires

Patricia is a manager in the Buenos Aires office. She graduated as an accountant at the University of Montevideo and received her MBA with honors from Wharton (University of Pennsylvania). Prior to joining Bain, Patricia worked four years as a senior auditor at KPMG Uruguay. She joined Bain as a summer associate at the Chicago office in 2010, joining the Buenos Aires office in 2011.

Case experience
"Working at Bain lets you learn about many different industries and business issues very quickly. Each case is a different experience and an opportunity to learn in depth how a company and an industry work, and to work with a new team."

People at Bain
"At Bain it is said that one of the factors that differentiate it is its people, and it is true. At Bain you find a highly diverse group of people but who share the values ​​of Bain. Working with Bainies means working with people who are very smart, prepared, anxious to learn constantly and wanting to do the best job possible. The thing about Bain’s people that I value the most is the sense of collaboration and camaraderie that characterizes them. "

Outside the office
"During the week we usually work hard, so on weekends I like to relax and spend time with my family and friends."