Sebastian  photo


Consultant, Buenos Aires

Why Bain?

I firmly believe there is no other place where an undergraduate can start a professional career and gain experience as quickly as at Bain. I value enormously the exposure that I get every day to projects of huge strategic importance for leading firms in every industry. The will to create a deep, lasting impact with the work we do and the culture of building tangible and measurable results make Bain an awesome place to work.

My passion

In the office, I am motivated by the change we create for the organizations with which we work. Seeing the impact our work has on our clients gives a special meaning to all the effort we put into every case.

Outside work, I am a passionate football player, a music fan and a world traveler. With Bain, I have traveled around South America for work, to Brazil and the US for training sessions and even to the Bain World Cup in Europe!

My favorite case

One of my favorite cases was my first case at Bain, working in the mining industry in Chile. We were hired to evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of a new business opportunity with potential to reshape the mining industry on a global scale. The client's constant drive for innovation made the project a very interesting one, in which we as a team had to leverage not only analytical but also some creative skills.

My personal results story

My experience at Bain has allowed me to work in different industries, solving very diverse problems. From mining to retail and financial services, the goal has always been the same: to create a lasting impact and tangible results for our clients. Following this motto, I worked for one of the largest private banks in Argentina, helping them restructure their front-end channel strategy. With Bain's help, they modernized their operational strategy and achieved a greater alignment with the current technological paradigm, allowing them to better serve their own clients. It gives me great pleasure to see how our work creates a concrete impact, and that is exactly what Bain's results culture is about.

A final thought

Even though before starting at Bain I had heard a lot about it and had major expectations about the job, what has surprised me the most in my time in Bain has been, hands down, the human capital. The quality of people that build this global team makes our daily job truly enjoyable. Not only have I found a team of highly qualified people from whom I learn every day, but also lasting friendships that exceed our time in the office.