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Partner, Chicago

I joined Bain because I wanted to work with a company that would provide breadth of learning. double-quote-close

Why Bain?

I joined Bain because I wanted to work with a company that would provide breadth of learning, opportunities to challenge myself and people that I could learn from and with whom I would enjoy working. Bain provides all those things and more. Bain maintains an entrepreneurial spirit within a larger company, which encourages and inspires me. My time here has exceeded my expectations, and I continue to learn and advance with each new case.

My passion

I knew when I started at Bain that I wanted to gain international work experience.  From October 2007-April 2008 I embarked upon a six-month transfer to the Sydney office. I first visited Sydney for the 2000 Olympics, and had wanted to return ever since. Living and working in Sydney was an amazing experience. The opportunity to gain international business experience, expand my network of Bain contacts, and (let's face it!) skip a Chicago winter and experience all that a Sydney summer has to offer was invaluable. What struck me most was the similarity between the Sydney and Chicago offices in terms of the caliber of people, the quality of work and the desire to incorporate fun into our job. The "Bain culture" that we speak of truly is worldwide.

Outside of the office, my passions and hobbies change constantly. Right now I am training for the Chicago marathon. This will be my first marathon and will no doubt be quite a challenge. One of my case team members is also training for the marathon, so we encourage each other and head out for training runs together when we are traveling for our case. We will be sure to cheer for each other on race day!

My favorite case

During a recent case, we helped a client communicate internally and coordinate operations in new, effective way. Our client was a telecommunications provider with several different business units. We focused on improving their call center performance. Each business unit had its own call centers that operated almost entirely independently. Our team surveyed each business unit's call center operations along a number of different dimensions. We found that several business units were or had been struggling with common issues and that there were several ways in which they could help each other. We hosted a meeting between all of the call centers to present our results, and they were amazed at the ways in which they could learn from each other. Our work brought the business units together and drove them to share best practices, a result they likely would not have achieved without our help.

My personal results story

Before Bain, I worked in investment banking and in marketing. While I enjoyed both jobs, I felt that my focus was too narrow. At Bain, I have been able to evaluate businesses as a whole and to advise our clients on a range of issues. The breadth of the experience and diversity of issues keeps me challenged and motivated. I have established strong client relationships and really seen the impact of my work. That is the most rewarding part of my work at Bain.

A final thought

My advice to recruits would be to meet and speak to as many people as possible during recruiting events. I got to know several people at Bain fairly well during my recruiting process, and it made my decision that much easier. I knew that I clicked with the people at Bain and that I would enjoy working with them.