• Insight: In China's O2O tech, today's 'unicorns' risk becoming tomorrow's 'unicorpses'

    December 08, 2015 | Private Equity | Reuters | Media mention

    In China's hottest tech sector, hundreds of "online to offline" (O2O) start-ups, which draw mobile users to local physical stores and services, have failed as skyrocketing valuations deter investors and put the brakes on fresh funding. "The whole O2O concept is getting too expensive," said Weiwen

  • Slowing global demand sends a ripple through the global diamond pipeline, driving prices down by nearly 25 percent in the second half of 2014

    December 08, 2015 | Industrial Goods and Services | Press release

    Bain & Company's fifth annual report on the diamond industry predicts the market has the potential to rebound in 1-2 years, but not before current turmoil will likely force the mid-market to reevaluate their business models Moscow – Dec.

  • Chinese consumers make the largest luxury purchases

    November 30, 2015 | Consumer Products | Business Standard | Media mention

    According to Bain & Company's Fall Luxury Goods Worldwide Market Study, the global luxury industry, led by luxury cars, hospitality and personal goods, which together account for 80% of the total market, is expected to surpass €1 trillion in retail sales value (RSV) in 2015.

  • "Authenticity" is being peddled as a cure for drooping brands

    November 14, 2015 | Consumer Products | The Economist | Media mention

    The ease of accessing information online makes consumers more likely to abandon their habitual brands because they have heard about something new or cheaper. In China and other big emerging markets, foreign-branded goods are losing their allure as shoppers realize that local products are no longer

  • Smaller Asian markets to top China for deals this year

    November 12, 2015 | Private Equity | Private Equity International | Media mention

    For the largest markets in Asia, the outlook for private equity is robust, according to Bain & Company's Asia-Pacific Private Equity Report 2015. General partners expect that smaller markets in Asia such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines will top China as the most attractive

  • Bain warns Asia-focused GPs to avoid past mistakes

    November 11, 2015 | Private Equity | Private Equity International | Media mention

    Competition for Asia-Pacific deals will continue to be intense due to record amounts of funds ready to invest, forcing all players in the private equity industry to learn the lessons of the past and improve performance, according to the Asia-Pacific Private Equity Report 2015 by Bain & Company.

  • E-commerce in China reaches a record high penetration of 11 percent, ushering in the era of the “branded internet” with small regional, online brands leading the way

    November 09, 2015 | Customer Experience, Consumer Products | Press release


  • China moves to crack down on counterfeit Disney products

    November 06, 2015 | Consumer Products | The New York Times | Media mention

    A survey by the American Chamber of Commerce in China, published with Bain & Company, found that 85% of respondents believed China's enforcement of intellectual property rights had improved in the last five years, but two-thirds said that the risks of intellectual property or data being leaked were

  • A harder road ahead

    October 31, 2015 | Consumer Products | The Economist | Media mention

    Some foreign companies are losing their stake in China's consumer markets as local brands flourish. Bain & Company's China Shopper Report found that local brands gained market share in 18 categories last year and command 70% of their combined markets, as foreign firms' market share is declining

  • For Chinese Companies: Learning the Rules for Outbound M&A

    October 30, 2015 | Bain Brief

    Chinese companies are intensifying their efforts to acquire foreign companies and broadening their capabilities and portfolios to help them win at home and abroad.