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Partner, Dallas

Bain's work radically transforms clients, their processes, organizations and people. double-quote-close

Why Bain?

People, results, learning, fun. That sums it up. The Bain job has every element I am looking for: the opportunity to have an impact, learn, be surrounded by amazing people and have fun every day. It's a pretty unique place. It's much better in reality that we can actually describe in recruiting presentations or our brochures. 

My passion

My passion at Bain centers around mentorship and developing our people. The journey starts during recruiting when we meet amazing candidates who join the Bain family. But recruiting is only the beginning. The job at Bain challenges each individual to grow personally and professionally. The mentorship process is critical part of each Bainie's growth. It is truly amazing to see how, in a few months, our consultants become experienced advisors who can help transform and mobilize organizations.

Outside of Bain, my passion is international travel. The more exotic and different, the better. It is fascinating to visit new places and experience new cultures. It allows you to reflect upon your own values and biases and raises your own self-awareness. During my Bain career, I have worked in every continent. Needless to say, that has allowed me to visit and experience many remote corners of the world.

My favorite case

Every Bain project has something wonderful about it, typically associated with amazing results and individual client success stories. My favorite cases are turnarounds. You begin with an asset that many experts believe has no future. And then, by thinking creatively about potential strategic avenues and partnering with the right clients, you help redefine and re-energize an organization. Soon after, you not only get to see the economic results, but you get to experience the personal success stories of your clients.

My personal results story

In addition to serving clients, I have been honored to lead many initiatives at Bain. By serving as an AC and MBA recruiting mentor, summer program manager, consulting class mentor and a leader of a capability area, as well as developing one of our key products and serving as the leader of Latinos@Bain, the leadership opportunities have been a key highlight of my career. I cannot wait for the next leadership challenge within Bain.

A final thought

Consulting is an apprenticeship. As such, you have the opportunity to learn every day, even as a senior partner. Throughout your career, ask lots of questions. Step back and think about everything you learned on a given day, case and year. Then you can become a master of the trade and enjoy mentoring and developing others.