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Partner, Dallas

Having the ability to work on new, complex business problems in a diverse set of industries keeps the work challenging and keeps me actively engaged in the learning process. double-quote-close

Why Bain?

Bain is the right place for me for a variety of reasons.  Bain provides the opportunity to work with top business talent from around the world, both internally at Bain and with the clients that we work with.  The opportunity to learn and expand your business skills at such a rapid pace cannot be duplicated in many other careers.

At Bain I am able to continuously focus on cracking some of the most difficult challenges faced by our clients and develop realistic, actionable solutions that make a difference in their success and their profitability.  We always challenge ourselves to ensure that we are focused on the client's most important issues and that we are able to obtain real results that show up in the P&L.

I am also able to explore other opportunities within Bain that provide me with a diverse set of experiences.  In the summer of 2004, I was able to spend three months with The Bridgespan Group, a non-profit consulting firm started by the ex-Managing Director of Bain.  At Bridgespan I was able to greatly expand my knowledge of the non-profit sector and work with a fantastic group of people focused on having social impact.

My passion

My passion at Bain is participating and leading training efforts.  During the fall of 2007, I was able to be a trainer at the program for our new Associated Consultants.  Having participated in this training myself seven years prior I was very eager to be on the other side.  This experience allowed me to experience aspects of the Bain toolkit that I had not used in a while and reinvigorated my passion for the work we do.  Additionally, I always find it amazing that you can put Bainies from all over the world together and although they come from very diverse backgrounds, they have they have a common DNA and very quickly become good friends.

Outside of Bain, I love to travel.  My wife is a professional photographer so we try each year to travel to as many places as we can and we always come back with great pictures of the local culture & landscape.  Having the flexibility to travel is very important to me and working at Bain has allowed me the opportunity and time to experience ~20 countries over the past few years

My favorite case

My favorite case was a recent case within the luxury goods space.  Besides having an office right behind the men's section where I was able to see all the latest fashions each week, I was able to lead some ground-breaking work within our customer strategy practice.  We were trying to identify high-potential customers that the client should focus on developing and we used a new type of analysis that allowed us to identify very specific shopping characteristics of these customers.  Given the recent slowdown in consumer spending, the client's ability to identify the right customers to pursue is critical for them to continue to grow sales.

My personal results story

Through my six years at Bain I have had the opportunity to develop a very robust set of general management skills and how to apply these tools to achieve meaningful impact & results.  One situation in particular was in the fall of 2005 when I was working with a client in southern Mississippi.  Approximately one month into the case the client was hit by Hurricane Katrina and the corporate headquarters was under up to 10 feet of water.  When we returned we switched away from a traditional Bain case to helping the client figure out where they were and what to do next.  Our primary objective was to figure out the state of the workforce, when the manufacturing facilities could reopen, and helping the organization recover and get back to full operations.   For me, this situation was a great learning experience on how to recover from an emergency situation and how you rebuild morale within an organization that has suffered tremendous hardship.

A final thought

As you go through the recruiting process there are a few keys to success:

Really understand why you want to go into consulting and what you expect to learn and take away from the experience.

Explore multiple firms within the area of consulting that you want to pursue.

Dig underneath the marketing materials and really get a strong sense of what the firm is about and what motivates the people who work there. A firm's culture is very important and you will find that you naturally fit better with one firm versus another.

You should practice case interviews; but, at some point, you need to step back, relax, and mentally prepare yourself for the interview. In a successful interview you should strive to turn the interview away from you doing all the talking and into a business conversation about a tough business problem. Interviews can and should be a fun, intellectually-stimulating experience.