• The Alumni Society: Hernan Saenz

    May 31, 2015 | The Alumni Society | Media mention

    , the managing partner of Bain & Company's Dallas, Houston and Mexico offices, was born in Switzerland and raised in Costa Rica. As the founder of Latinos@Bain, an in-firm recruiting and mentoring organization, Saenz works to attract and retain qualified Latin American and Hispanic talent.

  • What the Recent Oil Price Shock Teaches about Managing Uncertainty

    May 27, 2015 | Bain Brief

    Oil & gas executives can best manage unpredictability and volatility in energy markets by planning detailed scenarios, defining signposts and monitoring leading indicators. This process allows planners to see where markets are headed and adapt their strategies based on identified risks and

  • Operational Excellence: Maintaining Focus in a Time of Oil Price Volatility

    May 27, 2015 | Bain Brief

    As margins tighten oil and gas companies look for ways to cut costs, asking suppliers to reduce their rates and delaying projects. But cutting back on operational excellence activities would be a mistake. Short -term cost cuts may deliver immediate relief, but the wrong cuts could throw off the

  • Oil patch works to get its arms around gusher of data

    May 09, 2015 | Advanced Analytics, Oil and Gas | The Houston Chronicle | Media mention

    Oil producers are trying to cultivate analytical technology to turn a growing reservoir of "big data" into digestible chunks of information that engineers can use to extract bigger bounties of crude or even predict when equipment might fail.

  • Removing Trade Obstacles That Promote Hunger

    April 22, 2015 | Business Day

    Governments can directly address the legal barriers that hurt the food supply chain and local economies.

  • Understanding the Value

    April 15, 2015 | Oilfield Technology

    While some oil and gas companies have invested in their analytics capabilities, many struggle to get their arms around this powerful new opportunity.

  • Tapping Cloud's Full Potential

    April 08, 2015 | Bain Brief

    Average companies put only 18% of their IT workload into the cloud, and even leaders put only about half. Most could get a lot more value from the cloud if they would put more work into it. But many IT departments hesitate because of outdated beliefs about the quality and security of cloud

  • Most companies leave two-thirds of financial benefits on the table when they migrate their workloads to the cloud

    April 08, 2015 | Technology | Press release

    Most companies leave two-thirds of financial benefits on the table when they migrate their workloads to the cloud.

  • Preparing for the Coming Wave of Consolidation in Midstream Oil and Gas

    March 25, 2015 | Bain Brief

    The rapid growth of oil and gas production between 2009 and 2014 in North America spurred a cycle of historic demand for midstream infrastructure. Now, the dramatic fall in oil and gas prices has left operators with about $90 billion less to invest in production growth. Midstream companies are

  • Oil firms are swimming in data they don't use

    March 05, 2015 | Advanced Analytics, Oil and Gas | CNBC | Media mention

    , a partner in Bain's Dallas office, the organizational structure of the typical oil driller can prevent data from flowing freely among decision-makers because the information is handled by three separate groups.