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Manager, Houston

I came to Bain for the people and my passion at Bain is ensuring that I can be a strong contributor to the culture that attracted me in the first place. double-quote-close

Why Bain?

I came to Bain for the people. Prior to school I worked in investment banking and private equity and experienced two very different cultures. While my lifestyle was better in private equity than in banking, I missed the strong culture and having coworkers who I could also consider friends. Coming out of my MBA, I knew I wanted to work not only with people who were smart and thoughtful, but also knew how to have fun. To me Bain was the place where I knew that would happen.

My passion

I came to Bain for the people and my passion at Bain is ensuring that I can be a strong contributor to the culture that attracted me in the first place. That includes not only helping to organize events for my consultant class and team, but also making sure the Bain culture comes across to our clients. It's great to hear our clients talk about how much they enjoy working with Bain and how they consider us part of the team.

Outside of the office I have always had a strong passion for dance and continue to serve on the junior board for a nonprofit dance organization in NYC. I also am an avid football fan (GO BLUE!).

My favorite case

My favorite case has been redesigning the operating model and helping to define the vision for the next three to five years for the supply chain organization of major multichannel retailer. Our client was essentially operating as two separate businesses (stores and ecommerce) making it difficult to make decisions and setting them far behind other retailers who had much more integrated businesses and were winning in the multichannel world. What was even worse was that our client did not even realize how far behind they were. With our pushing over the course of the case, we saw a complete change in attitude and newly created sense of urgency. Our help in redesigning the organization also dramatically increased the speed and quality of decision making which was rewarding to be able to see firsthand.

On top of the interesting and rewarding work we did, our case team had a ton of fun while working as well. From joking around in the team room, to team dinners, to a team ski trip to Vail, we made the most of our time and had fun both in and out of the office. We were also only one of several Bain teams at our client and had the opportunity to meet and get to know Bainies from other offices which was a great experience as well.

My personal results story

During my summer at Bain, I was working on a cost cutting case and the client was considering reducing the size of our team to help reduce the overall Bain expense, which would have meant cutting my workstream. We knew that we could help them achieve significant savings that would far out weigh our team costs and that they would not have the bandwidth to do on their own. Using the model I built in my first week as a SA, we walked the client through the potential savings. Once they understood the potential savings and the thoughtfulness we had taken, they agreed to keep us on as a full team. It felt pretty awesome knowing I had helped convince a client they needed us in my first few weeks, and knowing they would be better off for keeping us onboard!

A final thought

Bain is a place where you can feel challenged every day and have the opportunity to constantly learn. But what is even better is that working at Bain often does not feel like "work." Bottom line is everyone should be able to have a job they are excited to get up and go to. For me that's Bain.