Opportunities at Bain London
We look for associate consultants at top-tier colleges and universities around the globe. Recruits from top business schools make up the new class of consultants each year, and we consider first-year MBAs at leading business schools for our summer associate programme. In addition, we are always seeking talented experienced professionals, especially those with successful business or consulting experience. Experienced hires join at different levels, depending on their experience.

Successful candidates should demonstrate sharp problem-solving skills, a results-oriented track record, strong leadership experience and a passion for consulting. Those with intellectual curiosity, infectious energy and a preference for working in teams should apply. Fluency in English is required. Learn more about what Bain looks for.

To apply for any consulting role in the London office, please visit our global careers website and, when completing the application form, select London as one of your office preferences. You will be asked to submit your CV, and the London office also requires a cover letter – please note that we reserve the right to request this if not initially submitted, before considering your application.

If you are interested in a non-consultant position at Bain, look for opportunities and apply for a corporate role on

Dynamic culture
With more than 50 nationalities represented, our Bain London office is very much like an international experience. Working in cross-office teams and partnering with clients outside our region further enhance our consultants’ international exposure.

Culture has also always been at the very centre of Bain London, and we are renowned for our fun, open and friendly attitude. We have regular social events to encourage communication and interaction across all roles and levels, including our annual summer event off-site. People who work at Bain London come from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences—one colleague is a former Olympic rower and another was a ballet dancer—all of which helps to give our office the culture for which we are so proud.

Our people get personal fulfillment by delivering results and helping our clients become more valuable. This same motivation drives them to contribute their time and skills to work in the community through pro bono consulting projects, mentoring CEOs of charities, fund-raising efforts and community days, as well as education and social enterprise programmes.