Undergraduate, master’s or advanced degree

We welcome applications for full-time positions from undergraduates, postgraduates and other advanced degree candidates (JDs, MDs and PhDs). People with less than two years’ employment also typically join London through our graduate intake so, if you fall into this category, you should select Undergrad or Advanced Degree when you apply, depending on your most recent education.

For students interested in a 2018 start date, applications opened on the 1st of September 2017. The submission deadline is the 26th of October.

Please note that we do not offer internships at our London office. The full list of Bain offices that offer internships can be found on our Associate consultant intern page.

  • Apply online by the 26th of October
  • Select the London office as your first choice
  • Submit your CV and cover letter
  • You may be asked to provide additional information and complete an online test
    • The test completion deadline is 11:59pm BST on the 29th October regardless of when you submit your application, so please allow for sufficient time
  • Interviews are held in mid-November and early December
CV/Cover Letter Tips

We ask all candidates to submit a CV and cover letter. Please ensure that school and university courses and grades are clearly displayed on your CV. For candidates from the English/Welsh systems, we hope to see GCSEs and A-Levels. For applicants from other systems, please share the equivalent grades attained for all public exams from the age of 16.

On CVs, we look for a combination of EQ and IQ - individuals who can think analytically and bring their experience (volunteer, internship, academics) and intellectual curiosity into a collaborative team environment. We value leadership experience, strong academics, evidence of team skills, and significant volunteer work. Don’t be afraid to sell yourself! Please keep your CV to one or two pages of A4 and remember to make it logical.

Your cover letter is where you should explain why you are applying for a consulting role and why Bain & Company specifically. You should also use your cover letter to link your achievements to your suitability for the job. Tell us why you would be successful in the role. One page is enough for the cover letter and remember to double check for errors! Please address your cover letter to Jessie Lemieux or Emma Blakeman.

Online test

We ask all candidates to complete a simple online test as part of the application process. The test is designed to ensure that all candidates have the minimum verbal and numerical needed to be an associate consultant at Bain. Candidates who are successful at the CV review stage will be sent instructions on how to complete the test within ten days of submission. Candidates wishing to prepare for the test can try a series of practice questions from our test provider.


Bain’s recruitment process for the AC position involves a number of case interviews. Each case interview will entail a discussion of an actual Bain case, so you will also gain some insights into what it is like to work at Bain. We encourage you to prepare for your case interviews.

Successful applicants will participate in two rounds of interviews, each with two to three 35-40 minute interviews.

First round
You will meet with an AC and a consultant in our London office if you are invited to interview.The bulk of your first round of interviews will revolve around the discussion of Bain cases. Your interviewer will present a short business problem and then ask you to structure the problem and recommend a practical solution. Your interview may begin with an opportunity to share your achievements and future goals. You should also have time at the end to ask your interviewer questions.

Second round
Those successfully passing the first round will participate in a second round of interviews. You will meet with Bain senior consultants, managers, principals or partners, usually in the London office. The second round will consist of three case interviews, one of which will be a written case for which you will be given time beforehand to prepare.

The goal of the written case is to provide you with an opportunity to better demonstrate your skills in a more real-life situation. It also provides a better understanding of the day-to-day role of a Bain consultant by simulating our actual work process. Bain will provide you with 20 to 30 slides that describe a client situation and ask key questions pertaining to that client. We will then give you 35-45 minutes to review the slides and prepare a short synopsis of your insights and recommendations before beginning the interview.