Alan Hirzel photo

Alan Hirzel

CEO, Abcam


Why did you choose Bain?
Everyone I had met from Bain had an impressive grasp of business and I wanted to be a part of the winning organisation and culture that makes Bain so successful.

What did you learn at Bain and how did this impact your future career?
Three big areas:

1. Profit from the core and customer led growth (especially Loyalty/NPS) are the two most important ideas that shaped my thinking about how to go after profitable growth
2. I use the lessons from our organisation work in decision making and performance culture every day
3. The investment thesis/answer first approach from commercial due diligence is a great way to focus on value in business and in acquisitions

What are the results at Bain of which you are most proud?
Defining Abcam growth strategy and then having the opportunity to implement it as CEO; building a UK healthcare practice that continues to grow today; founding the Social Business Trust and establishing Bain & Company as a partner to work with scale-up social enterprises.

What is your best Bain memory?
Meeting my lovely and intelligent wife, Valerie Pritchard, at Bain.

What is your passion?
Helping others through social enterprise and being a good father to my three children.