Anabel Hoult photo

Anabel Hoult

Chief Operating Officer, Save the Children

The Not for Profit Leader

Why did I choose Bain?
I wanted to learn more about business and very much respected Bain’s global reputation. I was also attracted by the people that I knew from Bain. They were very smart, often creative, good fun and ambitious without being aggressive

What did I learn at Bain and how did this impact my future career?
How to think analytically and strategically about problems, how to structure a reasoned argument focusing on key issues and how to derive potential solutions. Oh, and lots of PowerPoint! All of this enabled me to launch a Virgin internet site, restructure Carphone’s mobile insurance business, manage thousands of people in a rapidly growing call centre and more recently, develop the new strategic direction for Save the Children

What are the results of which I am most proud?
Being a founding member of the Bain South Africa office

What is my best Bain memory?
Snorkelling on a coral reef with my Bain colleagues on an island off Mozambique for our Bain South Africa Christmas party

What is my passion? 
1. Arts – ballet at the Opera House, Moma in New York and any play at the Royal Court
2. Adventure – touring Buddhist temples in Sikkim, visiting Save the Children programmes in Burma, sailing in Northumberland
3. Adrenaline – ski touring from Chamonix to Zermatt, bungee jumping at Victoria Falls (with Bain), climbing Mont Blan
4. My boys – Atticus and Hal