Hugh Langmuir photo

Hugh Langmuir

Executive Chairman, Cinven

The Investor

Why did I choose Bain?
A fortuitous meeting with a Bain Partner at a dinner party in Boston led to an introduction to Bain’s London office where I found kindred spirits. As an industry hire, the practical, results-oriented approach to strategy resonated with my prior experience

What did I learn at Bain and how did this impact my future career?
Bain had a decisive influence on my ability to rapidly analyse and solve problems with a structured and systematic approach and to work with a group of highly intelligent and driven people

What are the results of which I am most proud?
The most intimidating (but ultimately successful) project involved presenting recommendations to an insurance company Board comprised entirely of senior actuaries for whom the source ‘Bain estimate’ was a somewhat alien concept!

What is my best Bain memory?
I retain an abiding memory of working with a great team of very able and high quality people dedicated to doing their best for the clients

What is my passion?
Having devoted more time than I should have to work, my passion is my wife and our three children. Other indulgences include fly fishing in various exotic places. I am also involved in improving education, one of the most important challenges facing this country