Hugo  photo


Principal, London

What is your background pre-Bain? And what is your current role at Bain and how long have you been here?

I joined Bain directly from the Royal Navy where I had spent seven years as a submarine navigating officer and fast patrol boat captain. I loved the work and people, but wanted a new and exciting challenge and chose to join Bain as an Associate Consultant two years ago to launch my business career. Since joining, I've had a fantastic variety of casework, but broadly speaking it's been 50% Private Equity diligence work and 50% industrial corporate strategy (but split across multiple cases and sectors).

How would you describe your role at Bain? What have been your most memorable case experiences? What are the results (client-related as well as internal) of which you are most proud?

I'm now a Consultant, so my role has changed from deep analytics towards running and planning the casework. I find I spend more time leading teams, as well as thinking through high level problems that need my attention. My most memorable case experience came when we were developing a market entry strategy for a defence contractor and we recommended that they acquire an engine manufacturer. They immediately opened discussions with a superb little diesel player and will hopefully acquire them shortly. I'm most proud of this work, and the clear direction and focus that we were able to bring to a large, complex and often confusing market.

Finally, tell us three interesting facts about yourself/ your interests outside of work.

Outside of work I like to train for Triathlons - last year I completed an Ironman and the notorious 'Escape from Alcatraz' event along with a couple of shorter UK based ones. I also love sailing, and am currently learning to fly.