John Boumphrey photo

John Boumphrey

Director, Hardlines

The Retailer

Why did I choose Bain?
The people – Bainies – were as smart as anyone I’d met in consulting interviews, but they were also a lot more down to earth and fun. On top of this, Bain really stood out in terms of its focus on delivering pragmatic solutions for clients

What did I learn at Bain and how did this impact my future career?
1. The power of a data-driven, fact-based approach
2. The power of simplicity when delivering a message
3. How to hire and manage stars

What are the results of which I am most proud?
I was especially proud of the work we did at Bain to reshape a European car rental firm’s strategy, which involved a 180° shift in terms of customer focus. Since leaving Bain, I have applied the toolkit to launch JVs in new markets, create new customer propositions and more fundamentally, to define a vision, set a strategy and ultimately, to deliver results

What is my best Bain memory?
1. As an AC, having to inform the CEO of a leading telecoms company that his share price had dropped 10% in the past hour
2. The 2000 Bain football tournament in Amsterdam

What is my passion?
1. My passion for sport is currently more as a spectator than participant these days, although I still turn out for the local hockey club now and again
2. Family features pretty high on the list – Lillie and I are the proud owners of two little boys, who consume most of our time outside of work
3. I married a Bainie – we don’t use PowerPoint, although now and again Excel does make an appearance...