Jon Wright photo

Jon Wright

Co-Founder, Innocent and Jamjar

The Entrepreneur

Why did I choose Bain?
I interviewed with Bain because it seemed more practical, more real than other consultancies. I chose Bain because of the people I met

What did I learn at Bain and how did this impact my future career?
I learnt how to think through problems and to bring people with me. Critical stuff for running a fast growing company

What are the results of which I am most proud?
Being part of the team that started on a project to merge two divisions of a company but then realised that more value would be created for the client by spinning one of them off.
Seeing that all the way through to a successful transaction and getting the best result for our clients was hugely rewarding

What is my best Bain memory?
A week of Senior Associate Consultant 'training' in Jamaica

What is my passion?
I'm passionate about technology, photography and fruit!