Maria Grazia Pecorari photo

Maria Grazia Pecorari

Chief Strategy and Digital Officer, BT Global Services

The Strategy Lead

Why did you choose Bain?
My husband recommended that I should apply to Bain – "They are very smart and very nice people." He was right.

What did you learn at Bain and how did this impact your future career?
The Bain values of True North, the focus on a business's "core" and the "answer-first" way of thinking and solving a problem. All three are extremely powerful and they still guide me every day.

What are the results of which you are most proud?
What I learned at Bain helped me make a difference at Global Services, by helping shape GS strategy and accelerate its execution, in a short amount of time.

What is your best Bain memory?
The end of a wonderful Bain summer party, when I received the "Maestro" award.*

What is your passion?
Being a role model for my twins, Ben and Joe, and working in the tech and telecom space – an industry I am very passionate about.

*The Maestro award is Bain London's most prestigious and historic award, recognising those who have consistently demonstrated extraordinary capabilities in developing others.