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Consultant, London

Working in consulting means having the flexibility to change from project to project and gain experience in a variety of industries and business situations. double-quote-close

Why did you decide to pursue a career in consulting and why was Bain the right firm for you?

Working in consulting means having the flexibility to change from project to project and gain experience in a variety of industries and business situations. During these past years I have participated in over 30 different projects that have had diverse complexities. Bain has given me the opportunity to travel—depending on my projects—and work with people from around the world. These experiences completely exceeded my already high expectations.

Bain has always offered the perfect combination between having a challenging job and an incredible fun experience. Bain has a very open and flexible culture, I really enjoy working with teams that hold a casual approach.

Tell us about your favorite case at Bain.

One of my favorite cases in Bain was when I joined a team of ten people working for a global leader in IT services for the transportation and tourism industry. This company was a truly multinational company with organizational presence in more than 150 countries.

Our goal was to help them improve their customer support services in approximately fifty countries worldwide. We helped them adjust their cost base while still being able to provide a good level of service across all of their customer segments. This project required detailed analysis in each market and involved multiple interviews with customers and employees in each market. We physically travelled and worked in 15 of these countries (their key markets). Final recommendations required important operational, but also organizational changes.

Once our analysis phase was finalized, we came up with an overarching common solution that we wanted to test in each market before implementation. For that, we once again travelled to those 15 markets. How we implemented the solution in each market was completely different. They all shared a common theme and a common methodology of analysis (same theory). However cultural differences and organizational styles made the final solution differ significantly from one market to another. Therefore we had to pay special attention in order not to underestimate any particular circumstance of the country under study.

In addition to making our recommendation, how we carried out the analyses and how we used a common methodology and adapted it to the different cultural situations was also of critical importance. As an example, in France it was impossible to gather any individual employee data whilst in Brazil it was very detailed.

What I enjoyed the most about this case was all the traveling involved and the exposure to the different business cultures. In a couple of months I traveled through 3 different continents (Asia, South America and Europe) and 9 different countries. It was an incredible experience.

What have you learned at Bain that you never expected to learn? How has what you’ve learned change over time?

What haven’t I learned?! From day one in the office when you get full weeks of training to the many tricky client and team situation I have experienced, there has not been a moment of boredom. Every project, every team, every positive or negative experience has a learning with it. At the more junior level I had the chance to develop the analytical mindset, draw insights and ask the right questions. As I’ve grown in Bain I’ve developed skills that have allowed me to interact with clients and teams in a more efficient way.

Overall im happy to have acquired a basic general manager toolkit that will be useful no matter the future career plans I decide to pursue.

How has Bain supported you in achieving your career or personal goals?

As with everything, priorities and interests in my life have changed with the years, and I have always found in Bain career opportunities that excited me. I have been able to change my office from Madrid to London, and benefited from LOA when I needed it.

I know that whatever the future brings, in Bain I will always find flexible options to make it work and make it sustainable with my personal life.

Speak to more about what makes your office unique or interesting.

No matter which Bain office i visit ive always felt extremely welcome, you can can clearly see that the Bain culture is present wherever you go. Some things that I particularly like about the London office is that no matter how big it is, you still manage to keep very close to the people in your Bay (space in the floor). Its great to be in the office on Fridays when you have the chance to catch up with your friends and there are multiple parties, lunchs or other events going on. Its almost impossible to get work done on Fridays!

Another advantage of the London office is that in one place you have your workplace/Gym/Beauty services/Doctor etc! It just makes my life so much easier!

What do you do for fun outside of work – hobbies, interest, charities, boards, etc?

Outside the office I like to participate in any kind of sport activity, particularly football and ski. Along the years I have participated in multiple Bain World Cups and Bain ski trips.

How would you describe Bain’s values as a firm and how does that effect the way you work?

One of the things that has always surprised me, is the diversity of skills and backgrounds you encounter within Bain across all offices. Bain invests significantly in recruiting the best but within a vast range of backgrounds. This diversity only brings positive experiences to case teams, complementing each other so that we achieve better clients’ results. You learn so much from people that view things from a different lens and with complete different background, culture and experience from you. In the end this results in a non-stop learning experience from every front.