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Partner, London

What is your background pre-Bain? And what is your current role at Bain and how long have you been here?

Before Bain, I was at Oxford University studying for my PhD in Chemistry. After I graduated, I joined Bain (around three years ago) and am now a manager.

How would you describe your role at Bain? What have been your most memorable case experiences? What are the results (client-related as well as internal) of which you are most proud?

My role at Bain has varied considerably, in particular as I have progressed from associate consultant to consultant to manager to principal.

I have been fortunate to work on cases across multiple industries including Oil and Gas, Financial Services, Media, Private Equity and Retail, and alongside some amazing teams.

A couple of examples of my most memorable cases include:

A great role for a Private Equity case that involved interviewing ~25 executives and CEOs of portfolio companies as well as around 20 Managing Directors from other PE houses. The client had a fantastic leadership team and we worked with them to really open their eyes to the good and bad practices in their organisation. It ended with our team taking a major role in their annual offsite to present our results and therefore a huge impact on their overall strategy

I worked on a case recently for a well known UK sports team, defining their commercial and media strategy. It was tough but we produced real, tangible results. I now keep in touch personally with the client

Finally, tell us three interesting facts about yourself/ your interests outside of work.

I am an avid sports fan (football in particular) - both playing and watching
I am currently learning to speak German (but don't tell staffing)
I enjoy all things travel-related