• Regulators cannot stop the urge to merge in software

    May 25, 2004 | Technology | The Financial Times

    Success in the software industry these days is less about discrete product innovations than building and extending platforms to achieve scale in customer relationships.

  • Riding the new tech wave

    March 14, 2004 | Technology | The Financial Times

    If patterns of history indeed repeat themselves, then it's out there: The "next big thing" - the new social and economic phenomenon that, in more ebullient times, technology boosters called a killer app.

  • Building out of a Downturn

    September 30, 2003 | Fundamentals of Growth | European Business Forum

    Building out of a Downturn European Business Forum By Darrell Rigby and Barbara Bilodeau Companies are now using more

  • China: The Great Transition

    September 30, 2003 | Fundamentals of Growth | Harvard Business Review

    As China's economy grows and opens further, the opportunity it presents to multinationals is changing. Foreign companies are moving to country development and new strategic choices. Now, foreign firms can actually go after the Chinese domestic market, and it's worth going after.

  • In recession, opportunity

    December 25, 2002 | Fundamentals of Growth | Orange County Register

    For one thing, there are many ways to measure recession. It's quite possible for output to grow while company earnings grind to a halt. Sales for the 20 largest O.C. companies grew 2 percent for the first nine months of this year.

  • How to Bounce Higher Out of Recession

    November 30, 2002 | Fundamentals of Growth | European Business Journal

    As the US economy manifests its first signs of bouncing back, European companies may want to capitalise on what remains of their own tough times. Indeed, a recent Bain & Company study found that recessions can make companies just as often as break them.

  • Turning the tables on turbulence

    April 03, 2002 | Fundamentals of Growth | Economist Intelligence Unit

    This article cites the report's three key findings: recessions "shuffle the deck" more than boom times do; gains and losses show up early; and gains or losses made during the bad times tend to endure.

  • Viewpoint: Look - at Amex and Schwab Models - Before Leaping into Corporate Ventures

    June 28, 2001 | Performance Improvement | American Banker

    Passive investment by a corporation in a new venture grew 158% a year from 1997 to 2000, following a 2%-a-year decline in the mid-1980s. Active investment to build new businesses, another form of venturing, also grew.