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Manager, Los Angeles

Bain allows me to have international experiences which are both professionally and personally enriching. double-quote-close

Why Bain?

I chose Bain because I wanted to continue learning every day in a supportive environment with smart and passionate people.

My passion

I love traveling and seeing different parts of the world. I knew that I would get to see lots of places (especially offices and conference rooms) across the US as part of my work.  Beyond this, Bain allows me to have international experiences which are both professionally and personally enriching.

My first experience was a six-month externship where I was General Manager of a sustainable tourism lodge on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. I served guests from the around the world and managed a staff of 25 local employees. As part of the lodge's sustainable tourism commitment, I led volunteer art and reading classes with a local school. Along with giving me experience working in Latin America, my externship was an amazing way to learn the nuances of running a small business.

Most recently, I was approved to for a six-month transfer to the Bain Madrid office. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to working with clients on their toughest problems - in a different business environment and language!

My favorite case

My favorite case was a product and sales strategy for a media company. Our client anticipated a newer product would be a major contributor to revenue growth. However, they had been selling it in different ways across its markets for the past few years. Our team started by defining a product strategy then transitioned to developing enablers that were critical to implementing the strategy.

My role was to identify and standardize selling best practices and develop a training program for their sales people. I started by gathering data by launching a survey across the entire sales force and performing market visits. Then I worked side-by-side with our client to develop a sales playbook and training program.

I found the case extremely rewarding because it allowed me to work on a true end-to-end solution for a client. I also had a lot of fun working with my case team and collaborating with our client. I can't wait to hear about the results our work generates down the road!

My personal results story

On another case, I built a financial model that showed productivity of new sales employees over time. The model was critical to demonstrating to our client the importance of improving both productivity and retention of their sales people. Our team worked with the client to develop initiatives to target these problems and I am happy to say the client still uses the model to track the impact of these improvement efforts.

A final thought

In the recruiting process, make sure to understand how consulting and Bain resonates with you.