• Interview: James Allen of Bain & Company on the trends in economic growth and what that means for Tiffany's

    October 14, 2011 | The Next Woman | Media mention

    James Allen, expert strategist of Bain & Company's London office, provides CEO's with insights into global economic growth trends and in a 2011 article for The Next Women described the growing gap between the wealthy and working classes as, "Tiffany’s outgrew Wal-Mart, which basically means: jobs

  • The simple (but not easy) task of focusing

    February 15, 2010 | Financial Times | Media mention

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  • Focus on your core: it's the mantra at the heart of every big business success story

    February 08, 2010 | The Times | Media mention

    The idea that businesses should focus on their core is so well entrenched in corporate culture that it seems surprising that it can be traced back to a book published less than ten years ago.

  • Resolving the CEO's dilemma

    October 08, 2009 | Fundamentals of Growth | Bain Brief

    The job of chief executive officer has expanded dramatically in recent years, both in scope and in complexity. The companies CEOs run are likely to operate all over the world, in markets that have rarely been more turbulent than today.

  • How Marvel went from bankruptcy to $4B buyout

    September 01, 2009 | Harvard Business Review

    The $4 billion offer by the Disney Company to purchase Marvel Entertainment, Inc. is the apotheosis of an escape from disaster to rival even the most hair-raising Spiderman adventures.

  • How Europe's grocers keep food sales fresh

    January 21, 2009 | Retail | The Wall Street Journal Europe

    " The capability to cater to local preferences in a cost-effective way may help position these companies to weather the economic downturn better than their competitors.

  • A new state of play: white paper summarising the contributions of 60 senior executives of European companies

    November 23, 2008 | Bain Brief

    This document summarizes the perspectives of 60 European company heads, senior executives and experts interviewed by Bain & Company. It does not represent the opinions of any individual and is not intended as a complete or exhaustive set of recommendations to the recipients of this document.

  • How to win in emerging markets

    April 06, 2008 | Consumer Products | Sloan Management Review

    Emerging markets in Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe are delivering some of the strongest revenue and profit growth for global makers of fast-moving consumer goods, despite concerns that lower prices might translate into lower profits.

  • Unearthing hidden powers

    July 25, 2007 | Fundamentals of Growth |

    Peter Benjamin Parker, alias Spider-Man, was about 15 years old when he first appeared in the 1962 comic book Amazing Fantasy No. 15. That would make the straight-laced scientist close to 60 this spring, when he exploded on the screen in the worldwide release of Spider-Man 3.

  • How Marvel Entertainment unleashed its hidden powers

    May 02, 2007 | Fundamentals of Growth | Harvard Business Review

    Today's Conversation Starter comes from Bain & Company's Chris Zook, author of Unstoppable: Finding Hidden Assets to Renew the Core and Fuel Profitable Growth.