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Principal, Madrid

We are truly focused from day one on generating results, and clients recognize it as one key aspect of our way of working with them. double-quote-close

Why Bain?

The emphasis on results and the aim of making a real impact on clients organizations makes Bain’s approach different. We are truly focused from day one on generating results, and clients recognize it as one key aspect of our way of working with them.

Bain has also a unique culture, full of smart people who are passionate about their work and willing to learn. There is a strong team spirit, where people help each others, look for development opportunities inside and outse formal case experiences and have fun. Having access to continuous new challenges and at the same time enjoying the experience and sharing it extraordinary people make Bain an excellent place to work.     

My passion

Bain helps people to develop their passion at work, providing plenty of opportunities both through case work and office activities. People are encouraged to bring ideas and change things, defining their own path in the firm. During my years at Bain, I have had the opportunity to work on areas of my interest, such as Private Equity, Strategy and Performance Improvement. I have also engaged in a number of office activities, including recruiting, mentoring, training and Women at Bain activities. It is difficult to image a place to work with exposure to such a varied set of responsibilities and experiences.

My favorite case

My favorite case over the last few years was the definition of the strategy for a mid-sized consumer goods company, helping them to reinforce their core business to overcome the difficulties of their key markets. We built a fantastic relationship with the client and became a real one team, thinking together about practical initiatives to reinforce the business.

My perspective on diversity at Bain

Bain has a strong sense of community, locally and globally. This includes supporting diversity initiatives, such as the Women at Bain program. In addition to the activities that we organize at the office, there is also a Global Women’s Summit and ongoing International efforts to reinforce and coordinate local contributions. Even more importantly, there is full openness and support to create any new diversity or interest group to address everyone’s concerns and make sure there is an inclusive environment.

A final thought

Enjoy the recruiting process and use it as an opportunity also to learn more about the firm. Try to get to know as many people as possible. The best way to get a feel for a company is to meet the people with whom you'll be working.