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  • How Marvel went from bankruptcy to $4B buyout

    September 01, 2009 | Harvard Business Review

    The $4 billion offer by the Disney Company to purchase Marvel Entertainment, Inc. is the apotheosis of an escape from disaster to rival even the most hair-raising Spiderman adventures.

  • Flying past the point of no return need not be daunting

    April 20, 2009 | The Times

    Early pilots coined the phrase "point of no return". It's the place from which an aircraft no longer has enough fuel to make it back to its original airfield but must push on to a new destination.

  • Private lessons

    October 26, 2003 | Private Equity | Canadian Business

    How do they do it? They focus on accelerating growth in their businesses' value through just one or two key initiatives. They narrow their sights to widen profits. Specifically: 1. They clearly define their investment thesis and its time frame to fruition; 2.