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  • Winning the Race for Digital Commerce

    March 09, 2017 | Bain Brief

    With much of the growth now coming from online sales, brands need to follow four basic rules to capture their share.

  • Deconstructing the Digital Agenda in Consumer Products

    March 08, 2017 | Bain Brief

    Big consumer goods companies are heeding the digital call, yet progress lags priorities.

  • How Big Brands Can Prepare for US Grocery's Tectonic Shifts

    March 08, 2017 | Bain Brief

    As US consumer trends shift and grocers react, consumer goods companies face massive risks to their growth and profit formulas.

  • An Autonomous Car Roadmap for Suppliers

    March 02, 2017 | Bain Brief

    Top-tier suppliers are adopting new strategies and operating models to thrive in the market for cars with advanced technology.

  • Competition for private-equity deals heats up

    March 02, 2017 | Private Equity | The Economist | Media mention

    Private Equity is learning to compete less on price and more on other parameters, such as speed. Some private-equity firms have set up dedicated teams of analysts, bankers and consultants at ever-earlier stages of a prospective deal. Indeed, according to Graham Elton, partner with Bain & Company

  • Strong investor demand for private equity: Bain & Company

    February 28, 2017 | Private Equity | CNBC | Media mention

    Graham Elton, head of private equity for EMEA and partner with Bain & Company, speaks on the firm's latest private equity report and about the impact of geography on private equity investing.

  • Private equity firms doing more follow-on deals: Bain & Co.

    February 28, 2017 | Private Equity | CNBC | Media mention

    Bain & Company partner Graham Elton talks about the challenges that private equity firms are currently facing from Berlin's SuperReturn.

  • Global Private Equity Report 2017

    February 27, 2017 | Bain report

    Bain's annual Global Private Equity Report highlights how leading PE firms have begun adapting to a demanding environment.

  • Wary Investors Have Trump, Brexit on Mind as SuperReturn Begins

    February 27, 2017 | Private Equity | Bloomberg | Media mention

    Private equity firms on average spent more than 10 times cash flow for U.S. and European companies in 2016, near record highs, according to a new Bain & Company report. “The combination of current high prices and an uncertain outlook means that investors are setting a high bar,” seeking companies

  • A report from the world’s last diamond mine

    February 25, 2017 | Mining | The Economist | Media mention

    There are signs of recovery in the ever-volatile global diamond market. Bain & Company estimates that rough-diamond sales rose by 20% in 2016. Even so, Bain estimates, production will peak in 2019. Supplies of new diamonds will then start to fall, sinking by 1-2% each year until 2030.