• Lori Sherer: How advanced analytics can really improve decision making

    December 07, 2014 | Bain video

    In this short video, Bain Partner Lori Sherer explains how data analytics can improve organizations' decision-making capabilities.

  • Decision-driven marketing

    June 24, 2014 | Harvard Business Review

    Cutting-edge companies create a different kind of marketing organization—one that is less siloed, more interactive, and more collaborative, and that increases marketing’s value and effectiveness.

  • Your scarcest resource

    April 15, 2014 | Organization | Harvard Business Review

    Most companies have elaborate procedures for managing capital. They require a compelling business case for any new investment. They set hurdle rates. They delegate authority carefully, prescribing spending limits for each level.

  • The five traps of high-stakes decision making

    November 14, 2013 | Organization |

    Big-stakes decisions are just that—big. When they go awry, it is typically because the organization has fallen victim to one or more of these failures.

  • History's biggest mistakes: Why you're not doomed to repeat them

    October 08, 2013 | Organization |

    A company has to make good choices time after time. It has to do so speedily—faster than competitors—and it has to ensure that decisions get translated into action. No wonder there are as many missteps in this sphere as there are in dubious moments in history. After all, great decision processes

  • Great decisions require great support

    September 29, 2011 | Organization |

    Many organizations know they must clearly identify the individual or group responsible for making every major decision. But too many organizations stop there—and fail to realize that every major decision involves several essential supporting roles that are often the key to success.

  • How organizations make great decisions

    September 27, 2011 | Organization | Bain Brief

    Companies that are most effective at decisions don’t dither. They follow a carefully structured approach to decisions, one that ensures agreement on criteria, facts, alternatives, commitment and closure. And they put in a place a few simple enablers that help the process work smoothly. The results

  • Create a decision-focused culture

    September 07, 2011 | Organization |

    Building a decision-focused culture can seem daunting. But a committed leadership team can do it by focusing on three key steps, which we think of as define, align and build.

  • Solving the talent problem: a decision approach

    August 17, 2011 | Organization |

    Leadership supply, a/k/a the “war for talent,” is a perennial item on every executive’s agenda. But the conventional tools—recruitment and retention efforts, training programs and the like—do no more than keep a company in the game. They can’t help an organization pull away from the competition or

  • Decision-focused meetings

    June 07, 2011 | Organization | Bain Brief

    Beth Williams groaned as she looked at her computer monitor—another Monday, another product-development meeting. Later, she had a meeting with her own team and a get-together with marketing, plus a conference call.