• How Banks Can Extend Their Digital Relevance

    May 29, 2018 |

    As technology giants such as Alibaba and smaller specialists such as Mint continue to encroach on traditional retail banking markets, most banks’ business models are not well-equipped to deal with the disruption.

  • Why Schwab’s CEO Bets You Won’t Be Trading Stocks on Amazon

    April 25, 2018 | Banking | Bloomberg | Media mention

    Bain analysis suggests that by partnering with a bank and employing the same low-margin strategy it used to gain market share in e-commerce, Amazon could build financial relationships with 70 million customers.

  • Banks Start To Crack the Small Business Ecosystem

    April 10, 2018 |

    Ecosystem services could hold great appeal for small and medium-size enterprises, allowing banks to strengthen and expand their role with these companies.

  • Hey Alexa, Can You Help Amazon Get Into the Payments Business?

    April 09, 2018 | Banking | Wall Street Journal | Media mention

    Amazon is considering entering the banking sphere, both through their virtual assistant Alexa and in-store payments. If Amazon can move more transactions to its own rails or get better deals from card companies, it could save more than an estimated $250 million in interchange fees each year, Bain &

  • Video: You May Soon Have a Checking Account With Amazon

    March 31, 2018 | Banking | The Street | Media mention

    If Amazon moved into consumer banking, they would likely be the low cost alternative to consumer banks, given the company's track record of lowering costs for consumers. "The disruption is a big threat for the industry," said Gerard du Toit, a partner at Bain & Co., adding that banks are deciding

  • What Does The Future Hold For Banks? More Cost Cutting, Competition

    March 21, 2018 | Banking | Wall Street Journal | Media mention

    Consultants at Bain & Company argue that banks will get squeezed in coming years on both sides of their business. On the cost side, competition for deposits will only heat up as rates rise, low-cost entrants pile in and customers start seeking better deals. "Banks have forgotten what battling for

  • Amazon could shake the banking industry to its core — but one expert knows how Wall Street can fight back

    March 15, 2018 | Banking | Business Insider | Media mention

    When the news hit that Amazon was in talks with several banks to launch a "checking account-like product," naturally everyone feared the worst. But the situation for banks may not be as dire as some seem to think — at least yet. That's according to Maureen Burns, a partner with Bain & Company.

  • “Alexa, move my bank account to Amazon”: More than half of all consumers are willing to buy a financial product from a tech company over the next five years with Amazon leading the way

    March 06, 2018 | Banking | Press release

    A recent survey from Bain & Company finds US and UK consumers ranked Amazon nearly as high as traditional banks for trust with their money

  • Amazon in talks to offer bank accounts with JPMorgan Chase

    March 05, 2018 | Banking | Financial Times | Media mention

    Amazon could find a receptive audience for its rumored banking venture. A recent survey carried out by Bain & Company found that nearly 60 percent of bank customers in the US were willing to try a financial product from tech groups they already use. Amazon and PayPal were the two brands consumers

  • Five takeaways from Amazon’s flirtation with checking

    March 05, 2018 | Banking | American Banker | Media mention

    As foot traffic has dwindled at brick-and-mortar branches in recent years, banks have looked for new ways to pitch products, such as checking accounts, to customers online. So far their efforts have mostly fallen flat, in large part because of the collective shortcomings of the industry’s core