• Best practices in career development

    July 07, 2010 | Consulting Magazine | Media mention

    Most firms view a career at a consultancy as a job for life, but hanging onto quality human capital can be problematical, particularly with unprecedented utilization rates at many firms. Career development is the calling card to recruiting and retaining talent at Bain & Company.

  • Leadership without control

    May 31, 2004 | European Business Journal

    Leading an accounting firm, an advertising agency, a consultancy, an investment bank, or a law firm is not about giving orders to employees further down the hierarchy. It's about manoeuvring a group of peers who are star performers - who constantly question, debate, and even oppose initiatives.

  • Making Pussy Cats out of Tigers

    June 30, 2003 | Organization | Business Strategy Review

    Making Pussy Cats out of Tigers Business Strategy Review By Tom Tierney With talent shortages and companies

  • Drivers of Success in Services

    April 14, 2003 | Organization | European Business Journal

    Professional service-sector revenues have surged tenfold to over a trillion dollars since 1980. IBM Global Services holds the high-water mark for product companies getting into the game. IBM's technical services business now counts 40% of company revenues and delivers profit margins of 28%.

  • Build a life, not a resume

    August 31, 2002 | Organization, Services | Consulting to Management

    Jennifer was struggling. She and her younger colleague, Mac, were already well into the main course and uncorking a second bottle of wine, but she seemed to be getting nowhere. Mac's questions were thoughtful and unrelenting.

  • Foundations of success in services

    April 03, 2002 | Services | Economist Intelligence Unit

    The best professional-services companies understand that their people are their only products, and that strong performance requires getting top talent to act instinctively in ways that always promote the company's strategy.

  • Aligning the Stars: How to Succeed When Professionals Drive Results

    March 20, 2002 | Services | Harvard Business School Press

    Most businesses rely on talent to succeed, but none so much as professional service firms. Within this rapidly expanding, trillion-dollar industry, professionals--and how they're managed--are the primary sources of competitive advantage.

  • When Capital Gets Antsy

    September 12, 1999 | Private Equity | Business Week | Media mention

    New data prepared for Business Week by Darrell Rigby shows an astonishing increase in the speed with which shares now change hands. Some 76% of the shares of the average U.S. company listed on the New York Stock Exchange turned over last year. That's upfrom 46% in 1990 and only 12% in 1960.

  • Broadband Services - Success Second Time Around

    March 31, 1999 | Strategic Due Diligence | Global Telecoms Business

    Broadband services are back at the financing trough -this time with their hunger for growth financing backed by adequate consumer and small business demand. Global capital markets will be asked for more than $100 billion of broadband network construction funding over the next three to five years.

  • What's Today's Special at the Consultant's Cafe?

    September 06, 1998 | Telecommunications | Fortune

    Shoppers can check Consumer Reports before spending $3 on a box of Wheaties, but how do executives decide whether to spend $30 million on reengineering, knowledge management, mission statements, core competencies, or some other management tool or technique?