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Senior Associate Consultant, Mexico City

As you continue working at Bain, you get more exciting roles and responsibilities that help you uncover new strengths or areas of opportunity. double-quote-close

What do you love about working in your office?

The first thing that pops up in my mind is the amazing people I work with not only because of their amazing talent but also because of what defines them. I have found a mentor, coach and/or friend in so many of them that I cannot begin to count. The people at Bain are down-to-earth people who are always open to help you develop new strengths or identify your areas of opportunity. During my time at Bain, I have been able to prove our famous saying “A Bainee never lets another Bainee fail”.

What has been your journey since joining Bain?

I joined Bain as an intern in March 2014 and eventually rejoined as an AC in March 2015. I have worked in industries I never though I would be working at such as financial services, mining & utilities, beer, telecomm, etc. Most of the time I have been working in Mexico City however, I have had three different cases that required travelling to Bogota which resulted in an amazing cultural and professional experience. My extra 10% is mostly recruiting, where I have discovered a passion for coaching people.

How have your job and responsibilities changed over time?

As you continue working at Bain, you get more exciting roles and responsibilities that help you uncover new strengths or areas of opportunity. When I started as an intern, my work was mainly focused in performing quantitative analysis but now there is much more to it. Now, I not only perform the analysis but I have an input on which type of analysis we should do and why. Additionally, I have much more client which helped me develop other interpersonal abilities. Finally, I have worked with a couple of analyst reporting to me which showed me my leadership skills and style

What is a fun fact about yourself?

I absolutely love diving. My ideal scenario is to own a diving shop somewhere in El Caribe and travel around the world as a dive master. Currently, I am an advanced diver with over 60 dives in Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Thailand, Indonesia, etc. My next goal is to achieve the rescue diver level!

What advice would you give a recruit considering joining Bain?

Of course, you have the “must dos” like practicing GMAT questions online, reading about case interviews and practices mock cases. Additionally, I would recommend reaching out to a person at Bain. We are always prone to help and most definitely you know someone who has a friend or acquaintance working at Bain. Ask them to put you in contact with that particular person to get more insights and tips.

What does thriving mean to you?

My vision of thriving, in this moment, is attending the MBA, coming back to Bain as a consultant to eventually become a manager. I see myself as someone successful and passionate not only at Bain but also outside in my personal life. I want to raise a family without having to compromise my professional development at Bain.