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Manager, Mexico City

At Bain, you learn much more than in a regular job—it is the ultimate university for any professional. double-quote-close

Why Bain?

During the recruiting process, I always enjoyed my conversations with Bain people and also enjoyed very much the interview process. For me, the people that I was going to work with were important since consulting is an intense job that requires putting in many hours. It’s better to work with people you like.

My passion

I really enjoy working with clients to solve important problems—it is what gives me more energy every day. I’m also passionate about the complexity and relevance of issues we tackle, as well as knowing that what we are doing will have an impact and change the status quo.

Outside of the office, I really enjoy exercising: running, weights, cycling, yoga, pilates, etc. It allows me to recharge my energy and makes me feel good. I also enjoy watching movies and I am a wine lover.

My favorite case

I loved a project where we redefined the business model and organization of a large CPG company. I really liked this project because it involved challenging the whole business and seeing how they should be organized for the future. In addition, I had the opportunity to implement the new business model and see the change through, which was great.

My personal results story

During the project with a CPG company, I was asked to put together the implementation plan for changing their LATAM business model. It was a huge undertaking, and I put together almost every angle of the plan while working with a team of more than 30 people across eight countries. I was very gratifying to see how everyone worked together on the day of implementation. Everything was executed well and on time, with almost zero incidents.

At Bain, I have grown substantially in my career. Working here has made me refine my communication much more and learned to focus on what really matters and adds value. The learning curve is always steep and gratifying, which is what I like the most about Bain.

My perspective on diversity at Bain

Diversity at Bain is an everyday reality. In your Bain teams, you will find diverse people: different nationalities, different schools, different past careers (biologists, lawyers, engineers, etc.) and diverse levels of seniority from analysts to senior partners. This diversity is what makes our analyses and projects richer and help us find innovative and integral solutions for our clients. Bain is really a horizontal environment. You will never be viewed as “less” or “more” because of your background. What matters is how well you do in your projects, how passionate you are and how well you work with your team.

A final thought

At Bain, you learn much more than in a regular job—it is the ultimate university for any professional. And you can always do more, get involved in different groups, develop IP, organize events and so on. The possibilities are infinite.