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Consultant, Mexico City

At Bain, I have learned much more than what I expected before joining over the course of a relatively small amount of time. double-quote-close

Why Bain?

I chose Bain for three main reasons and I have not been disappointed:

  1. Culture. Bainies stand out for their intellectual capacity, team work and fun attitudes while performing their work.
  2. Diversity of projects. Bain offers opportunities to work across different industries and countries. In my last two years, I have worked in Guatemala, Mexico and the United States for telecommunications, industrial goods and oil & gas companies.
  3. Social impact. Through Impacta, Bain Mexico's pro-bono consulting program, Bain offers consultants the opportunity to help organizations through what we know best: consulting.

My passion

My passion in and outside of Bain is to do social work. Bain has helped me change my perspective on the way that I can help organizations. Before joining Bain, I would help an organization raise funds or I would volunteer to help them with a specific need. It is always good to help organizations, but it feels even better when the impact of your work lasts longer. This happens at Bain because we help institutions define their longterm strategies.

My favorite case

I spent five months working on a project to help a telecommunications company redesign their pay-as-you-go product. The challenge was managing the relationship with a cross-functional client team, performing complex statistical analyses and translating insights into actions.

I always felt supported by the Bain team and was very impressed of the amount of resources Bain has internationally to support other teams in performing complex analyses.

By the end of the project, I created a comprehensive tool that used statistical analysis to predict optimal service offering, price levels and customer segmentation schemes for mobile operators.

The impact resulted in incremental EBITDA for our client.

My personal results story

At Bain, I have learned much more than what I expected before joining over the course of a relatively small amount of time. After two years of working at Bain, I feel comfortable performing the following:

  • Design of long-term strategies and functional capabilities to enhance client performance
  • Formulate strategic pricing and cost reduction plans
  • Create customer retention strategies
  • Determine information systems management plans
  • Manage organizational change
  • Process re-engineering
  • Organizational design and effectiveness
  • Analyze statistical and market data

A final thought

If you are hoping to work at a place where you will always feel challenged, your peers will invest in your development and you will have fun while you work, Bain is the right place for you.