Gloria Canales photo

Gloria Canales

Managing Director and Co-Founder, Drafti


I joined Bain because I wanted to get a breadth of experience and develop my business judgment. Bain teaches you to look at a company and quickly identify its most critical issues. What kept me there for five years were two things: the people and the impact of the work we do.

My experience at Bain

During my five years at Bain, I was exposed to a wide array of companies and business issues. I worked in retail, telecommunications, airlines, construction, and consumer goods. In those industries, I did cost reductions, strategy full potential, customer segmentation, and post-merger integrations.

I was always very impressed at how much Bain cares about and invests in its people. They have several training sessions, a mentoring program, and colleagues that are always willing to give you a hand. Bain really is a fantastic company to work for.

My alumni experience

I am a Co-founder and Managing Director of Dafiti (an online fashion retailer, I am in charge of all the front-end activities, which are purchasing, marketing and customer service. Bain was a great school.

How has your time at Bain helped you in your new career?

While at Bain I developed my analytical skills, learned to design feasible and simple solutions to complex problems and sharpened my communication abilities. Moreover, I learned the importance of teamwork.