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Manager, Mexico City

Working at Bain has changed my life and opened up doors to many professional and personal development opportunities. double-quote-close

Why Bain?

The challenge. I have made it a goal in life to never stop learning and challenging myself. This is Bain: each project is a step into unknown territory and an opportunity to learn from the best and have a direct and quantifiable impact on our clients.

The people. At Bain, people are really at the center of its value proposition, which is made evident by the focus on developing people and by the great culture we have in our teams. It’s amazing how on a day-to-day basis, others can have a direct and meaningful impact on my professional and personal development, and the other way around. We all live by our motto, a Bainie never lets another Bainie fail; we really work in a team environment and support each other.

The fun. I had the opportunity to meet many Bainies before joining Bain and I immediately clicked with the fun, down-to-earth and friendly culture. Upon joining, I continued to make many great friends around the globe.

My passion

My passion at Bain is the 'developing people' aspect of consulting. Because we work in such tight-knit teams, I get to know my teams quite well. I am very passionate about impacting their careers by transferring my experience and knowledge to my younger colleagues, as well as learning from everybody I work with. I’ve always been impressed by how people here invest a lot of time and effort into making an impact on others’ professional and personal development.

I am also passionate about soccer. I have played competitively all my life. We have a Bain team that plays every week and each year we get to represent Mexico and compete in the Bain World Cup in a different country.

My favorite case

We worked with a consumer products company on a six-month engagement. We worked on an exhaustive diagnostic to identify and quantify opportunities within each of their revenue levers. The results of the diagnostic brought a lot of clarity to the management team, so they asked us to help them out with the roll-out of the most important initiatives.

On the second phase of the project, we helped them to optimize their trade spending and develop a holistic strategy for growth and profitability with their five largest retail customers, comprising 60% of their sales.

I enjoyed the case because we made a significant impact on our client’s bottom line in a critical moment for them, and we also got to train them on how to develop a data-driven customer strategy and negotiation tactics going forward.

My personal results story

Aside from the many success stories that I have about clients across many industries, which I can't call personal as they wouldn't have been possible without the team, I was able to accomplish one of my life objectives: attending a top 10 business school to earn an MBA. This was a unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience with many learning and fun experiences. Through Bain, I was also able to get a summer internship in San Francisco to set the transformation strategy and five-year strategic road-map for an LBO as part of the portfolio company of one of the top private equity funds in the world.

My perspective on diversity at Bain

In my experience, when I work with a diverse group of people, each individual brings a valuable and creative perspective given their different backgrounds and experiences. This creates a better result in everything that we do at Bain. Bain not only accepts diversity, but also embraces each individual’s uniqueness.

A final thought

Working at Bain has changed my life and opened up doors to many professional and personal development opportunities. I hope you find that it does the same for you. My recommendation for the recruitment process: practice makes perfect.