Mariana Felix photo

Mariana Felix

Industrial Analyst, Google


I decided to join Bain for several reasons: exceptional professional development opportunities, great culture, passion for challenge, and proving myself in a number of different situations, a passion for learning and the nature of the job, constant changes, new challenges, new teams and new industries.

My experience at Bain

During my years in Bain, I was in different cases. I was staffed in the healthcare industry, finance, banking, consumer product goods, construction and telecommunications. I can say with certainty that all my cases made my learn something new and different, that they all presented a challenge, and that my teams were always amazing. What really makes different Bain Mexico from any other firm is its people. People in Bain are its greatest asset. Friendly, hard working, passionate. I met very smart people, kind and always willing to help. The Mexico City Office has a unique culture. The offices are great, very nice, and provide all the necessary resources to have an excellent development within the firm.

My alumni experience

My Bain experience opened a lot of doors. When I decided to leave Bain a lot of recruiters appeared interested in my background. However it was thanks to a fellow Bainie that I joined Google as Industry Analyst in 2012.