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Partner, Mexico City

In the end, consulting is a business of people helping people become more successful. double-quote-close

Why Bain?

I attended my first Bain recruiting presentation when I was in my first year of college. The partner who presented absolutely captivated me and I was convinced that I wanted to join Bain immediately after that. An hour before, I had known nothing about consulting, much less Bain. Three years later, I came back to the recruiting session, went through the process and got accepted! Almost 14 years later, I’m still here!

My passion

My family is my number one priority. My wife and three kids are what I value most in life. My passion at Bain is people. Whether it’s Bainies or clients, I do everything I can to make people succeed, and I enjoy it thoroughly.

My favorite case

My favorite case was working for a general merchandise and grocery retailer. I was motivated by the immediate and significant impact we had on the client’s financial results. I was inspired by working with a large client team that believed profoundly in the company’s mission and the project’s positive influence on it. And I was energized by the outstanding partner team that assembled to serve the client.

My personal results story

The results I am most proud of at Bain all have to do with people. All the work I do has meaning to me when I see another one of my teammates promoted, a member of my client team that is recognized for outstanding work or a recent alum that lands a great job. In the end, consulting is a business of people helping people become more successful.

My perspective on diversity at Bain

We are a uniquely diverse office in Mexico. Not only do we have a significant amount of women and people from many nationalities, but we also have a strong mix of backgrounds and experiences. Even those of us with more ‘traditional’ backgrounds are able to enrich them and diversify ourselves. Such is the case of my one year leave of absence, during which I cofounded Linio in Mexico—now the country’s largest B2C eCommerce site.

A final thought

Bain is a special place. I have been incredibly fortunate to have spent many years alongside people whom I now consider my closest friends. I’ve partied, danced, sung and laughed my head off with them. And of course, I’ve worked alongside them to learn a great deal about how to solve complex problems and create fabulous success stories.