Social impact


fundraising2_mexico_189x126Inspired by charity auctions held in other Bain offices and our strong culture of social impact and social gatherings, Bain Mexico held its First Annual Charity Auction in November, 2010. Two non-profit organizations were selected by the Bain Social Impact team, then, office members, spouses, and business partners donated gifts, events, trips and even office space to bid on during this fundraising1_mexico_189x126fun and inspiring event. Funds were donated and this event is now an annual tradition at the Mexico City office.

Pro bono

Bain Mexico City is also proud to provide community groups and non-profit organizations with pro bono strategic consulting services. For example, we developed of a five-year growth plan for Semilla, a local organization that provides fair employment. Two more recent examples include partnerships with the Special Olympics Mexico and Sustainability Las Páginas Verdes.

Special Olympics Mexico
Special Olympics Mexico is a non-profit organization with 20 years of experience empowering individuals with disabilities to not only become physically fit through training and competition, but also be productive and respected members of society. In order for SOM to achieve its full potential, Bain Mexico City helped it establish short, medium and long term goals. We defined a functional organizational structure that was aligned with SO's other Latin American programs. Our case also identified high-priority states in which to strengthen current programs and control systems. Finally, we created a feasible and sustainable fundraising strategy that was leverages the entire organization's assets.

Sustainability Las Páginas Verdes
Since 2009, Bain has been helping green business expand in Mexico. New Ventures Mexico, the country's main green-business accelerator, asked for our help in growing Las Páginas Verdes (LPV), its directory of green businesses in Mexico. Bain consultants helped LPV refine the criteria for inclusion in the directory, pursue new sources of funding and ultimately exhibit greener practices itself by changing from a paper directory to an online one.

Since Bain's involvement, circulation has grown from 90,000 to more than 300,000, and the number of listed businesses has grown almost 200 percent from 1,000 to 1,900. Bain also advised LPV on developing related initiatives, including its annual EcoFest, the largest "green" festival in Mexico, which brings together more than 20,000 attendees to raise awareness about green business practices and sustainability.


impacta_logo_165Following in the footsteps of Inspire (a volunteer organization in the U.S. that provides management consulting advice to non-profit organizations) a few of our associate consultants gathered in 2010 to create Impacta. Through Impacta, our associate consultants and consultants have the opportunity to participate in pro bono projects in parallel with their regular Bain casework; performing roles above their tenure.

Salud CercanaImpacta did a pro bono project with Salud Cercana, a health company who offers occupational health services. Impacta focused mainly on refining the company's business model and establishing its mission and vision for the next 3 to 5 years. Additionally, Impacta lead a professional presentation skills workshop for the Congress of Public Accountants in Morelos. Visit Impacta's site to learn more.


Every year we have an office-wide volunteering day or weekend dedicated to serving the local community. Employees assist with a specific community need. For example, last year, members from our office spent the day in a small town near Puebla, Mexico to complete the building of a sturdy home for a local family.

Habitat for Humanity - Puebla_530


Recently, a local senior associate consultant worked for The Bridgespan Group, a non-profit that collaborates with mission-driven leaders and organizations to accelerate breakthrough social impact. During his six months in Boston, he was involved in three projects: developing the grant investment strategy and needed capabilities to scale innovative social initiatives nationally throughout a non-profit national network; implementing the impact measurement strategy for a signature program of a corporate foundation; and designing a certification system for a non-profit dedicated to transform the electricity system by delivering value to consumers.

Another associate consultant went to Peru to work with TechnoServe, a leading non-profit organization that uses business solutions to alleviate poverty. She was involved in different projects, from developing an initiative to improve milk production practices in small diaries to evaluating an optimized methodology for the Local Economic Development initiative in Peru.