• The 10 steps to successful M&A integration

    November 03, 2009 | Merger Integration | Bain Brief

    Mergers and acquisitions-well conceived and properly executed-can deliver greater value than ever right now. And savvy acquirers are taking action, as deal activity accelerates amid signs of recovery.

  • Fusing at full speed: tips on managing your integration in real time

    November 30, 2003 | Merger Integration | Benelux newsletter

    Speed is essential to successful integration. But speed isn't everything. Only 25 to 50% of deals create shareholder value, often because those managing the integration process don't know how to make tradeoffs between speed and careful planning.

  • The Six Habits of Highly Effective Change Managers

    February 28, 2002 | Results Delivery | Benelux newsletter

    For a company to significantly change its performance pattern, instead of merely incrementalising it, a radical change of behaviour is warranted. Unfortunately most companies, like human beings, have a hard time changing. Even if they know they must.

  • Globalization: Profit or Peril?

    June 09, 1999 | Merger Integration | Globe and Mail

    But jumping on this bandwagon can be ruinous if conditions are not right. How does the chief executive officer know when to make the globalization decision? The promise of improved profitability — from increased revenue, reduced costs or improved asset utilization — is a strong factor.