What we do

Bain Bay Area works mainly—but not exclusively—in the sectors of technology & telecommunications, private equity, healthcare, retail & consumer goods, and utilities & energy. The companies we work with present a wide array of strategic and operational challenges, and they vary widely in size. One trait they all hold in common is a desire to create lasting change, and our results-oriented teams are always eager to tackle their most important strategic questions.

Bain San Francisco has been an innovator in the consulting industry
Our passion for creating value has led us to pioneer three major innovations that have redefined our industry:

  • Consulting for private equity investors, working with them to acquire undervalued businesses and improve their performance;
  • Taking equity in lieu of fees to align incentives, where appropriate

Business success stories
We are successful when our clients are successful. Whether it involves growth acceleration, operational improvements, business turnarounds or mergers & acquisitions, we aspire to help our clients win in their marketplace. Read some of our clients' results stories on Bain.com.